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How To Choose the Best Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fencing mahogany

When it comes to picking components for decorating your yard, every piece is important for creating that perfect look. Bamboo fencing is the main backdrop for all your decoration efforts so choosing the right type is essential. The easiest way to choose bamboo fencing is to break down what you want in three easy steps.

  1. Choosing the right color.
  2. Choosing the diameter of the bamboo pole sizes.
  3. Height of the fencing.

Color can definitely change the mood of your space so it is an important factor when choosing your bamboo fencing. Height is dependent on your project and the amount of privacy you need. The diameter of each pole also changes the feel of your area so this is an essential factor as well.

Different Colors for Your Bamboo Fencing

Color is the easiest choice to pick out visually. Depending on the color and color pattern, this can greatly change the environment of your space. The most popular color is the natural bamboo fencing. The natural warm colors of yellow, tans, and beige patinas complement many other colors and makes a great neutral background color. Another beautiful and popular option is the natural black bamboo fencing. This is a natural blend of colors of browns, black, and greens producing a gorgeous subtle dark color. If you are looking something more "fun" and laid-back, the retro blend fencing or the natural burnt fencing is a great choice. For a contemporary look, the mahogany bamboo fencing is a wonderful choice with its rich and luxurious brown-red colors.

Choosing the Thickness of Your Bamboo Fencing

How thick the bamboo poles are in your bamboo fencing can influence the atmosphere it evokes. Bamboo diameters can range from 3/4 inch to 1 inch. The most popular option for bamboo fencing is 1 inch. Not too thick and not too thin, the 1 inch diameter poles are perfect for most backyard decoration. The thinner bamboo poles such as the 3/4 inch is great for smaller spaces. It will give a bigger appearance to your small patio or yard.

Right Height for the Perfect Amount of Privacy

The height of your bamboo fencing is highly dependent on the size and area of your home or office. For an average size yard, fencing that is at least 6 feet or taller is a great height. It will add just enough privacy without feeling blocked in. 8 feet height fencing is another great option if you want more privacy and a larger backdrop for all your decor efforts. For small patios or balconies, 3 feet or 4 feet bamboo fencing is great for added privacy without blocking out the outside environment.

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