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Cleaning Up the Ocean and Your Home Simultaneously

Reading this blog, you are taking the first step to doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.  Perhaps you haven’t fully committed to a waste-free lifestyle, but you are on your way.  Here is another simple switch you can make to help green your life: clean green.  It is becoming easier to find cleaning products that use non-toxic, plant-based ingredients that work just as well as their toxic counterparts.  However, most of these green cleaners are still sold in bottles made from virgin plastic.  Step up your eco-friendly game by buying a green cleaner made not only from recycled plastic, but from plastic recovered from our oceans.  Method recently introduced a bottle consisting of 25% ocean recovered plastic.

Method Hand Wash

While all of Method’s sleek and modern looking bottles are made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic, the new ones will include plastic elements recovered from the beaches of Hawaii and California.  Beach cleanups provided the plastic used to develop the new recycling method as ocean recovered plastics are more difficult to upcycle than land recovered plastic.  Method revealed its new process preceding International Coastal Cleanup Day, from which it intends to receive more plastics for use in its bottles.  Each bottle of Method cleaning supplies purchased will remove 10 grams of plastic from the ocean.

Beach PlasticImage: Treehugger.com

Over the past 10 years Method has grown from a small, San Francisco based, eco-friendly start up to a national brand carried by major retailers.  The company’s commitment to sustainability and shaking up business as usual has made it a model for other eco-startups and an inspiration to small businesses everywhere.  This is in part due to its authenticity.  Post-recession Americans are finicky about spending money, causing the slightly more expensive green options of major brands to drop in popularity.  Though, since Method’s branding and production process has proven trustworthy and authentic, the public has continued to believe in their eco-chic cleaning line.

Method Sustainable Packaging

So next time you find yourself in need of laundry detergent, soap, cleaning wipes, spray cleaners or hand sanitizers check out Method’s eco-friendly options.  Not only do they offer the cleansing properties of other toxic cleaners, they smell good, look good and now, help clean up the mess that is our Pacific Ocean.

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