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Deciphering the Green Language

In this blog, we have discussed all sorts of environmentally friendly practices, products and events. However, as green living continues increasing in popularity, you may come across some lingo that you are not necessarily down with. Here are a few terms that will help you decipher this green pop culture.

CARBON FOOTPRINT – a calculation of the total amount of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from a particular business, household or vehicle, measured in carbon units and neutralized by the purchase of carbon offsets.

DOWNCYCLED – a product or material that has been recycled but has lost value in the process.

GREENAPSIS – the process a company or business undergoes to become environmentally friendly, allowing it to claim green business practices with the intention to attract environmentally conscious consumers.

OFF THE GRID – a lifestyle that does not require the use of any public utilities such as municipal water, waste collection, electricity or natural gas. That is, a household that is completely self-sufficient.

PLANNED OBSOLENSENCE – the practice of creating a product that is intended to break or wear out after a certain amount of time so the consumer no longer blames the manufacturing, but must purchase a new product altogether.

VAMPIRE POWER – energy a powered off electronic device continues to use while plugged into an electrical outlet.

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