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Decorate This Halloween with Hawaiian Tiki Masks

If you haven’t figured out how to decorate your house this upcoming Halloween season, try a haunted luau theme! Hawaiian tiki masks make great decorations for Halloween and can be used within your home or outside to create a spooky atmosphere. You can give your front yard the perfect tropical ambiance by attaching some thatch around your home and tying some coconut heads from lighting posts. Lighting can also add an extra touch; replace existing light bulbs with red, orange, yellow, or green bulbs. Bamboo poles can be placed throughout the front yard as props for homemade hula skeleton structures. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and Forever Bamboo is certainly the place to begin searching.

Traditional Hawaiian tiki mask designs are essential when it comes to incorporating an authentic island feel to your home or business setting. Although many Hawaiian tiki masks are modeled after Polynesian deities, Forever Bamboo has an assortment of masks that welcome a tropical presence. For Halloween, masks can be placed on tables next to watermelon and pineapple carvings as tropical centerpieces. Hawaiian tiki masks also look great when attached to tiki torches that mirror the spirit of Hawaii. All of Forever Bamboo’s tiki masks are carved from lightweight Albesia wood and contain a sturdy nylon string on the back for easy installation.


Choose Your Color and Style – Hawaiian Tiki Mask

Pretty much any area of your living space can benefit from a hand carved and painted tropical décor piece. Choose a theme that inspires a good scare for Halloween or one that conveys happiness and fun with a flowered tiki mask or sign. If you are still searching for that perfect Halloween decoration look no further because Forever Bamboo carries the largest selection of tropical décor products. Enhance any room in your home or business setting with our surfboard, paddle, sign, and tiki mask décor products. Bring a little bit of the tropics your way this October with any one of our Hawaiian tiki mask selections.


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