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Detox Your Home

Our homes are our escape from the stresses of everyday life, or they should be. We spend hours and hours at work, at the gym and in the car; home should be the place we relax, take part in our favorite activities and generally be at peace. It follows that we should take care of that place the way we take care of and respect our bodies and our minds. It is generally accepted that the fewer toxins we encounter, the healthier and more at peace we are. Here are a couple of ways to detox your home:

1. Furniture. Try to buy furniture that has not been stained or painted with harsh chemicals. Bamboo furniture is mostly toxin free as it does not require pesticides or chemicals to grow successfully. Last, one of the best ways to stay “green” is to buy vintage. This way, no new chemicals or resources are used and, by the time it gets to your home, most fumes have already been released.
2. Candles. For a while, candles were made from paraffin, a so-called “dirty” material, because it releases its noxious fumes into the air when burnt. Look for candles that are made of clean materials like soy or beeswax.

3. Smells. Cover or seal any piece in your home that smells like chemicals. New carpets often smell and can be covered with organic or natural rugs to keep the fumes from rising. New pieces of furniture can be sealed with a natural wood sealant. Remember that paints and stains are primarily created using chemicals that you would do best without. Additionally, cleaning supplies and other odor releasing products often emit chemicals and fumes that can cause allergic reactions or headaches.
4. Cleaning supplies. Plenty of companies are jumping on the green bandwagon, even in the cleaning industry. Look for eco-friendly and organic brands and consider enlisting vinegar mixtures as your new favorite cleaning agents.

Cleaning Supplies
5. Air Circulation. The more air that circulates through your home, the better. Not only will this decrease your dependence on air conditioning as you utilize a natural breeze, but circulation has been proven to have positive effects on mood and health. Clean out spaces underneath tables and under your bed. The fewer surfaces to collect dust and germs, the better.

These simple steps can lead to major changes in the physical and mental health of your entire household not to mention the good you will be doing for the environment we all share.

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