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Do Your Green Intentions Have A Black Eye?

We spend a lot of time and energy in this blog and in our lives talking about “going green.” We give advice on how to change little things in our everyday lives in order to be a little more eco-friendly, but we also discuss being healthy, living well and the latest and greatest developments in bamboo gadgets. However, I have been thinking recently about what “going green” really means and if it is really enough just to turn off the lights and recycle.

Recycle House
The next step towards a truly eco-friendly lifestyle is to start making the inconvenient changes. Perhaps it takes longer and costs more to take public transit to work, but can one claim to be “eco-conscious” while driving a fossil-fuel hungry automobile hundreds of miles a week? Perhaps buying natural food from the farmers market is inconvenient and requires planning but can you call yourself part of the Green Revolution if you still support carbon heavy food production like those of fast food establishments?
When was the last time you took a carbon-neutral route to work? Or went a day without electricity? Or have forgone a cell phone upgrade because you didn’t really need it?

system fail
The problem with our society is that we are so conditioned to value consumption and excess; we are taught not that “less is more” but that “more is more.” We continually purchase “made to break” electronic devices, throw things out instead of fixing them and are satisfied with environmentally unfriendly solutions to boredom rather than getting outside and enjoying this same environment. Unfortunately, this mentality is not congruent with an eco-friendly lifestyle. In order to be truly “green,” we have to change our mindset and our lifestyle drastically. Though we are taking steps in the right direction, until we make the big and inconvenient changes, our impact will remain negligible.
At Forever Bamboo, we want to know what changes you have made in your life to make a difference. Hopefully, your practices can serve as inspiration to others and together we can achieve the real impact we want and need to preserve our planet for future generations.

Please post your thoughts, ideas and opinions on this page. Together we can make a difference.

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