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How To Enhance Your Bamboo Fencing with Cabot Stain

Cabot Stain for Your Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing is a great addition to any home or business! Bring out the best your bamboo fencing has to offer by staining it with a rich oil-based stain. This brings out the color of your bamboo fencing intensely while increasing the lifespan of your bamboo fencing.  We recommend using Cabot's Australian Timber Oil to stain your bamboo fencing. Cabot stain comes in a variety of colors. It accentuates the natural bamboo patina and color. It's triple oil-based system penetrates the wood for deep protection.

bamboo-fencing-cabot-stainChoose the Right Stain Color

For natural colored bamboo fencing, Honey Teak is a good option. Honey Teak is mellow yellow/tan oil that enhances natural bamboo colors. Burnt bamboo fencing can definitely benefit from Honey Teak Cabot stain. For natural black bamboo fencing, Jarrah Brown is the perfect oil stain for it. This is a deeper brown color that enhances darker wood fencing. Jarrah Brown brings out a more intense sheen seen on natural black bamboo fencing.

How To Apply Cabot Stain

Make sure the bamboo fencing is dry and has not accumulated too much moisture. Dry fencing allows for proper absorption of the oil stain. If it's possible, keep the fencing upright. Using a stain brush or sponge, carefully apply the stain in an up and down motion. Wipe off excess stain with a rag or an old sock. Alternatively you could hand-stain your fencing using rags or an old sock. Make sure to wear old clothing and keep the stain away from other closeby fabrics. Let the stain air-dry for several days. You may re-apply your Cabot stain up to at least three coats. Make sure that the fencing is completely dry between each coat. Enjoy your new and stained beautiful bamboo fencing!

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