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Forever Bamboo Presents: VIRO THATCH

As this blog proudly demonstrates, we at Forever Bamboo are always on the lookout for new, exciting and useful products, tips and tricks for sustainable, green living. As an environmentally responsible company, we are proud to introduce our newest line of products from ViroFiber: a 100% recyclable, non-toxic, synthetic thatch. While ViroFiber’s products are not the only synthetic thatch products on the market today, they are the only ones to utilize a green, waste-free production process to create their fire, water and pest resistant thatch products. Keep an eye on our Viro tab for the newest products as we receive them.

Beachside Viro Palapas

Viro Thatch comes in bundles, panels, eaves and umbrella configurations and is available in 3 different varieties: Bali, Java and African Reed. All three are modeled after traditional thatch, meaning they are woven and installed exactly the same way. They have a built in fire retardant making them ideal for large commercial projects or in fire susceptible residential areas. Viro thatch products do not absorb water, helping them maintain their color and texture without placing added stress on the roof during the rainy season. Additionally, the thatch panels, umbrellas, eaves and bundles will not fade, rot or shed nor will they attract insects, birds or mold. When their lifespan is complete, simply toss the synthetic thatch into any standard recycling bin.

African Reed Umbrella

A waste-free production process, combined with easy installation and the natural look and feel of thatch, makes our new Viro products an easy choice for your next tropical project. Keep an eye out as we continue to introduce ViroThatch, ViroReed, ViroUmbrellas and ViroSurface thatch products.

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