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General information on a bamboo

Bamboo ProductsWhat is Bamboo?

You might wonder where companies get bamboo poles to make products such as fences or furniture. Bamboo is a type of thick and strong woody grass that people have used for many years to build structures or make beds, chairs and tables. This plant grows naturally or on plantations in Africa, Asia or Australia in a variety of climates.

Bamboo is a Natural Material

Recently, farmers in the United States have begun to grow bamboo because it is a plant that grows rapidly and provides multiple uses. Today, more consumers want to buy products made from natural and sustainable materials rather than man-made plastics in order to have an environmentally friendly home or business. When bamboo is farmed using organic processes, it does not emit toxic fumes or create harmful residue.

Poles are Available in Different Diameters

There are different species of bamboo that have stems that grow to small, medium or large diameters, making the bamboo poles suitable for a variety of purposes. Small poles are useful for creating mats or rugs while thicker pieces are durable enough to hold up a canvas tent. Medium-sized poles are used to create items such as fishing rods or walking sticks.

Bamboo is Strong and Flexible

When a piece of bamboo is flexible, it is easy to bend the material to create archery equipment or decorative objects. Craftspeople can remove the interior portion of small sections of bamboo to make flower vases, toothbrush holders or drinking glasses. Musicians also make musical instruments such as flutes from pieces of bamboo. Because bamboo is incredibly durable, it is possible to find ancient bamboo artifacts in museums.

How Bamboo Material is used

In countries where there is a scarcity of hardwood trees, many individuals build their homes and businesses from bamboo poles that are attached with rope sections made of bamboo twine. These bamboo walls are used to create a sturdy frame, interior walls or decorative features on a building’s exterior. In the United States, bamboo furniture is primarily used on balconies or decks, but it is also attractive to use inside a home.

Order Products from Forever Bamboo

At Forever Bamboo, customers can find an assortment of products made from the highest quality bamboo, including poles that do-it-yourselfers can use for a variety of projects. Poles are available in different sizes, diameters and colors to build fences, decks or gazebos.

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