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Giant Bamboo Baskets Wowing Tourists | Forever Bamboo

Giant Bamboo Baskets Wowing Tourists Half a World Away (Pictures Below!)

Here at Forever Bamboo, we’ve seen a lot of things made with bamboo over the years, including a Tiki Dog Hut and a Variety of Decorations. But even we were awed by the pair of huge bamboo baskets that were woven in the Wuyuan Jiangxi Province of China recently. The baskets — which weigh over 40 kilograms (over 88 pounds) — were built and put on display for tourists in the region.


The craftsmanship of these baskets is stunning and the baskets are actually said to be large enough to hold 10 children at once. In fact, the photos that accompanied the Chinese news report show several young children posing inside of the baskets. Their ability to stand in the baskets is hardly surprising because each basket measures over 2 meters (over 6.5 feet) in height and 1.5 meters (nearly 5 feet) in diameter.


Nevertheless, it’s not just the size that’s impressive. It’s been reported that the baskets’ weaver spent over a month creating the baskets from over 2,000 pieces of bamboo root. Now that’s a lot of bamboo! The weavers choice of material, however, is much less surprising. Bamboo is a common material for basket weaving in China and other countries in Southeast Asia where the plants are plentiful. In fact, bamboo has been used in the creation of a wide range of everyday utensils for thousands of years in the region. The natural pliability and strength of the fibers make bamboo a natural choice for woven construction and its status as the fastest growing plant in the world makes it a great, renewable resource for any number of applications.


From the China News Service report, it is unclear why the man chose to weave the baskets, but they will be put on display at a local tourism area.


Here’s our question: what would you put in a pair of 6.5 foot tall bamboo baskets?


The photos in this blog are from a story published by ChinaNews.com on 1/18/2016.


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