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Green Living Can Be Achieved Simply and Easily

Green living doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. You can practice the old adage of “reduce, reuse and recycle” simply by changing a few habits at a time. While you may want to save your money and take time to plan before installing solar panels or redoing your kitchen more eco-friendly appliances, you can make these three simple changes right now, today, with minimal effort.

1.) Use cool or tap cold water to wash clothes; the clothes will get just as clean but you won’t use as much energy heating up water. Additionally, wait until you need to do a full load before you wash. Numerous small loads use more water than one big one.
2.) If you have a clogged or slow drain, use a bacteria based product rather than harsh chemicals. The idea is that the bacteria will form colonies that feed on the goo and gunk that clogs your drains. Pour it in at night to allow the bacteria time to organize their ranks and let them do their thing. A good rule of thumb with chemical cleaners: the stronger it smells, the worse it is for the environment.
3.) Drive the speed limit. It’s safer and your car will use less gas driving slower. If you can, try to use cruise control, constantly speeding up and slowing down uses more gas than necessary.


Start employing these simple tips today and watch your heating bills fall, your allergies come under control and your gas mileage improve. As you get into the green habit, start looking for other ways to “green” your lifestyle.

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