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Guadua Bamboo: Strongest Bamboo in the World

Guadua Bamboo Poles’ Amazing Properties

Guadua bamboo poles are recognized as one of the strongest species of bamboo in the world. How strong are these bamboo poles? Their strength is equivalent to steel which is amazing! Guadua bamboo is also known as the “Giant Timber Bamboo” since it can grow at extreme lengths. Despite the size of this bamboo, it does not warp and the diameter and nodes are consistent. Not only does this make the bamboo strong but aesthetically beautiful as well. What does warping mean? Regular bamboo tends to not grow straight after a certain length and also tapers as it grows taller. Guadua bamboo poles has minimal taper and is straight past 10 feet! This particularly straight quality over its length, make it an ideal material for any residential or commercial design.


Uses for Guadua Bamboo

As we noted before, the Guadua bamboo pole has the tensile strength of steel and compression strength of concrete. It is used for construction purposes primarily in South, and Central America. This bamboo is growing popularity for architectural projects around the globe. Guadua bamboo does not need to be limited to for architectural design. Use these bamboo poles for a sturdy yet romantic wedding arch for a breezy beach wedding. Tie the bamboo poles down into the desired shape of your choice.

Another great use for these gorgeous bamboo poles is to use them as patio roofing. Bamboo poles make great roofing since it allows partial sunlight in for warmth. The less thick variety could also be used as fencing posts or room decor (ie. bamboo poles in vases).

Eco-Friendly and Green

Bamboo is known for its sustainability and green properties. Easier to grow than other types of woods, Guadua bamboo is environmentally friendly for these following reasons:

  1. Protects against erosion control because of its thick root system.
  2. Fertilizes the ground around the base and does not strip the soil of its valuable minerals
  3. Quickly renewable for new plantings with a harvesting time of only six years compared with 20 plus years for other tress types
  4. Does not require any pesticides or fertilizers
  5. 100% biodegradable.
  6. Minimal irrigation needed other than from rainwater.
  7. Reduction of Co2 gasses since it absorbs more carbon dioxide and puts out more oxygen than other trees.
  8. Rejuvenates soil since removing the plant is not necessary when harvesting.
  9. Very little waste since the entire plant is used in variety of products.

Our strict selection and processing of each pole guarantees the best possible results. By all other comparisons, Guadua bamboo pole is truly “A Perfect Bamboo Pole.”

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