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Hanging Birds Decor - Island Inspiration

Hanging birds decor inside a home or business brings a playful, island feel to any setting. Tropical bars and boutiques, island themed rooms in a home, and even an outdoor patio or deck area make ideal homes for the likes of toucans, parrots, and macaws. Their brightly colored feathers and adorable inquisitive looks are a terrific complement to the bamboo, palm, and thatch elements that typically adorn any area decorated in Polynesian style. Hang just one or house an entire flock of tropical birds to provide the exact amount of merriment to any spot that needs some livening up.

Hanging Parrot Decor

When you add hanging birds decor to your decorating scheme, the obvious place to hang them is from the ceiling, but location is everything. A corner might seem like the perfect place for your parrot, but consider hanging him in a more prominent spot over a table or next to an entertainment center. Doorways and archways of pass-throughs are other places that are terrific for tropical bird decor. Also, consider adding to the effect of having a hookbill hanging in a room or on your patio by placing tropical style trees and plants beneath and around him, such as ferns and palms.

Think outside the box when looking for a good location for bird decor. Hang a few in trees near your patio, or string twinkle lights in rows over your deck or even along the ceiling indoors and hang a parrot or two from the wires. Your imagination and personal taste are the only limits to how hanging birds decor can be used in your home, office, or business.

If you already know how you can use a few tropical birds, you'll find exactly the ones you are looking for at Forever Bamboo. We are known for our high quality bamboo products, but we also carry a selection of unique signs, masks, and hanging birds to add an extra touch when you are decorating island style.



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