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How to Use African Thatch

African Thatch Roofing

For many years and in many civilizations, people have been using thatch for shelter and shade. Thatch features vegetation that has been tied or sewn together tightly. Generally, this is a material that utilizes leaves or another type of vegetation that is native to a local area. Because it is used commonly in rather tropical environments, it can create a tropical look when used in homes and commercial settings. African thatch is just one of several different types of thatching that you can purchase today for use in your backyard, and there are several unique ways that it can be used.

African Thatch Has A Distinct Looks

One of the most common ways to use African thatch is as a roofing material on a structure. This is a material that is made from cape reed, and the unique look of cape reed gives this type of thatch an almost uniform and even appearance. Unlike Mexican thatch that looks almost like hay, the reeds with this type of thatch are thicker and may lay in flatter and more defined rows. On the roof of a palapa bar or hut-style cabana, this type of thatch offers a distinctive look as well as ample shade and protection from rain.

Building with African Thacth

In addition to being used as a roof on these structures, African thatch is also a wonderful material for use in other areas of the yard. When this type of thatch is used in a backyard patio or living area, the look is distinctly tropical. The material can be used with permanent umbrellas around a pool, such as what you may find in resorts, water parks or high-end homes. In addition, it can be used on panels that are placed strategically for ambiance or privacy.

Commercial Grade African Thatch

When you purchase thatch, you should ensure that it is designed for durability and long-lasting outdoor use. The African thatch available through Forever Bamboo is commercial-grade and can last up to 10 years when well-cared for. In addition, the panels are designed to be easy to use for quick installation, so this makes the panels ideal for residential use. If you have been thinking about installing thatch in an area of your yard, visit Forever Bamboo to learn more about the different types of thatch available and to make a convenient online purchase.

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