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Interesting/Strange Bamboo projects

If you love the look of bamboo poles, there is more you can do with them than use them to make a fence. Instead, there are lots of ways to use bamboo like wood in some interesting and strange projects. While there are many ways to use bamboo in unique ways, we have listed a few of our favorites below. To find the supplies you need, be sure to search our website or call our customer service to let us help you find everything required to get the bamboo DIY project results you were expecting.

Problems with using your own bamboo harvest

In certain applications, using bamboo you have collected from your home or a patch nearby can have issues that will affect the outcome of your DIY projects. For example, if parts of the bamboo are green, it can eventually rot. Bamboo that is so weathered that it is gray will be too brittle to withstand for more than a year. On the other hand, bamboo from a retailer will be harvested in its prime, cured in the correct circumstances, and finished with natural products that ensure it has a long lifetime indoors or outdoors.

Using bamboo poles inside the home

bamboo poles in vase living roomThe uses of bamboo for interior design are infinite because the bamboo plant itself is graceful and visually alluring. For this reason, you will find bamboo is often used as a decorative art piece where cured bamboo is resting in the corner of a room or hung from the ceiling like a mobile. It is also commonly affixed to the wall like wallpaper or wainscotting. As far as unique projects with poles of bamboo, curtain rods are the simplest idea. For more advanced strange poles of bamboo projects, one of the latest ideas in interior design is arranging the poles in large planters filled with rocks to create a semi-permanent patio privacy fence. Along with creating these inside the home in front of the glass doors, they can also be arranged at shorter lengths in smaller pots to create ones that mimic the height of balcony safety walls.

Using bamboo poles in unique ways in the outdoors

Do you love the look of living walls and want to create a permanent display with succulents in an inexpensive way? One of the advantages of using bamboo in these projects is that it allows you to have a lightweight framework to make a living wall display for your home without the damaging effects of rusting metal. In addition to trellis designs, smaller picture frame-sized living wall gardens can be made with bamboo.

Getting the kids involved with bamboo projects

There are great projects for bamboo that involve making water features for the yard and there is even an advanced bamboo bike project you can build from items found on our website! However, when the kids want to get involved with unique projects, bamboo and clear, silicone caulk can be the answer instead of trying to use complicated tools to make wind chimes, bamboo flutes or a bamboo ladder. Silicone caulk fits the requirements for a lot of kids’ projects because it is non-toxic and easy to clean up. Adults will need to operate the caulk gun and apply the silicone, but the kids can stick pre-cut bamboo pieces to tired outdoor wood furniture, old plastic flower planters, and parts of the deck that could use some curb appeal.

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