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International Help for Japan

As news of the aftermath of earthquake in Japan continually looks worse and worse, we continually feel powerless to help. However, even if as individuals we may not be able to affect much change, many charitable organizations are capable and ready to assist those who need it most. Here are some non-profit organizations that are actively improving the situation in Japan and working to save as many innocent lives as possible:

Save the Children – Contributions provide food, medical care and education to children and families affected by the disaster; helps to rebuild the area through long-term recovery programs using the Children’s Emergency Fund; To Donate: Visit savethechildren.org.

Doctors Without Borders – Has already sent 2 three person teams to conduct mobile clinics that provide oxygen, non-food items, medical supplies and water; will deploy more volunteers and supplies as needed; To Donate: Visit doctorswithoutborders.org

Shelterbox – Delivers boxes of aid that include a tent suited for a family of 10, a cooker, blankets, a water purification device and a tool kit to familes and individuals affected by the earthquake and flood; To Donate: Visit shelterbox.org

Other organizations standing by with emergency teams, staff and supplies include: International Rescue Committee, Peace Winds Japan, Convoy of Hope, AmeriCares, AMURT, Islamic Relief USA and World Vision. Visit any of these organizations websites or visit networkforgood.org to donate.

As the state of disaster gets progressively worse and the death toll rises, the international community becomes more and more bound together. We highly encourage you to donate time, money or supplies to any well-prepared and responsible organization.

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