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Labor District Slows Shipment

Los Angeles and Long Beach ports have temporarily been closed due to uncompromised labor disputes. Delays began as early as November and have only worsened throughout the New Year. Many of our customers have been requesting various products that we currently have on back-order due to this debacle. We are trying our best to import as many products as possible in advance to prepare for the busy summer season. Like many other businesses, we are hoping that the dispute resolves within the next couple of weeks. Congestion at the port is so bad that cargo ships have been forced to remain idle at sea until spaces open up for container delivery. Our contact at Emo Trans has been updating us of the traffic situation at the Long Beach port and sent us these photos.


The ports are scheduled to be shut down from Thursday through the holiday weekend as employers, dockworkers, and labor unions come to an agreement. The unloading of cargo will also cease for the next couple of days only making the situation worse for businesses within the Southern California area. Retailers, farmers, manufacturers, consumers, employees, and American businesses are the ones who are suffering. Port workers pioneered a “strike with pay” approach to speed up negotiations in hopes of obtaining higher pay and health benefits. As economic pressures increase, the war between the International Longshore Labor union and port employers becomes a growing crisis.

Many companies are now forced to raise the rates of incoming products as a result of port charges. Each day that a container sits past the shipment date grace period, a hefty fee is charged to the importer. At Forever Bamboo, we are striving to keep our prices low regardless of the uncontrollable demands that are being placed upon us. We are awaiting a shipment of Coffee Reed fencing and 2x8 Bamboo Slats which we have received numerous inquiries about. The shipment is scheduled to arrive within the next month if negotiations at the port are resolved in a timely manner. To ensure our inventory is stocked for the busy summer season, we have already placed advanced orders for products such as Lauhala matting. If you are interested in ordering products that are currently on back-order please contact us and provide your name, phone number, and email address. We will make sure to add your name to our priority back-order list.



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