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Large Bamboo Poles – Affordable & Durable

Large bamboo poles are great green building materials that help enhance any home or business setting. Many people are surprised to learn that bamboo has a stronger tensile strength than steel and is durable compared to popular wood products. Bamboo has also been used to create other valuable products such as bamboo borders, fencing, slats, and rugs. Because bamboo grows approximately 3 to 5 feet per year, it can be harvested and regrown relatively quickly compared to wood. Large bamboo poles are high quality crafting materials as well and can be used to create a variety of home enhancements that are safe and eco-friendly. If you are interested in enhancing your home with Forever Bamboo’s eco-friendly, high quality bamboo poles than look no further! We have the largest selection of whole and half poles that range in sizes that will best work for your project.


DIY Bamboo Bed Post with Large Bamboo Poles

Bamboo comes in two different colors, natural and black, and compliments many modern furnishings and décor schemes. If you are looking to give your bedroom or guestroom the perfect eco-friendly touch, a bamboo bed is an affordable addition. Our 8 foot bamboo poles and 10 foot bamboo poles can be cut and altered to make a one of kind bamboo bed for your living space. You can follow a step by step tutorial with directions explaining how to properly construct a bamboo bed here. Large bamboo poles have an organic aesthetic that brings a beautiful, eco-friendly feel to any home or business setting. You can even paint the bamboo poles any color you please to best fit your décor scheme. If you plan on using your bamboo poles outdoors, we suggest coating poles with Cabot Australian Timber Oil to extend the longevity of the bamboo.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity and Forever Bamboo specializes in importing only the highest quality bamboo products. Most of our bamboo products ship for free and are carefully inspected prior to each shipment. Start your project today with hundreds of eco-friendly bamboo products at Foreverbamboo.com.


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