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Large Bamboo Poles – Eco-Friendly Wall Décor

In recent years, Bamboo has become the popular choice when it comes to home enhancements and green building materials. Bamboo is naturally sturdy, durable, and biodegradable, making for a safe building material. Although many people believe bamboo is a type of wood, it is really a type of grass. Believe it or not, many species of bamboo can grow 3-5 feet in just one year and others even more. Since bamboo is a versatile material, it can be used for home enhancements and DIY crafting projects. In particular, large bamboo poles work well with almost any project and can easily be cut with a sharp chop saw. Many people prefer bamboo inside the home by arranging poles of various sizes in a large vase or using the bamboo as candle holders. The possibilities are endless when it comes to simple DIY projects which the entire family can get involved with. Modern, contemporary, and minimalist décor schemes work great with large bamboo poles in any area of the home. It is no surprise that green living has been on the rise with the push for eco-friendly building. Forever Bamboo specializes in importing eco-friendly, green building materials that will last for years to come.


Find Beauty with Large Bamboo Poles

There are some really amazing wall décor pieces that can be made with large bamboo poles. DIY-Enthusiast has a step by step guide for a one of a kind bamboo wall centerpiece that will capture the attention of anyone who visits your home. Forever Bamboo’s large bamboo poles are ideal for constructing any eye catching piece that you create with your friends and family. Bamboo poles also look great when used outdoors to enhance pool or BBQ areas. To extend the longevity of your poles coat with Cabot Australian Timber Oil to prevent weathering. You can also place large bamboo poles near water features or ponds to give the ultimate Zen feel.

Forever Bamboo sells bamboo poles of all sizes at affordable wholesale prices all year round.


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