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Lauhala Mats - Multi functional Tropical Decor

According to the Hawaiian culture site Kumukahi, weaving lauhala mats is a tradition that has been passed down for generations and remains a flourishing custom today. Archaeologists have found evidence of hala trees existing in the islands for thousands of years, providing islanders with a durable and useful material for making a number of items necessary in daily life. By weaving the leaves of the hala tree, craftsmen created a base product, matting that was used both inside and outside the home. If you are looking to enhance your living space with the perfect tropical décor product, island inspired matting is the way to go.


One traditional use for lauhala woven matting was as bedding. It used to be laid out on the floor for people to sleep on. You may not want to give up your pillow topped mattress for lauhala mats, but you can use them as area rugs, laying out a few on a hardwood floor. The soft, spongy texture of the weave that made these mats useful for mattresses also makes them enjoyable to walk on, especially in bare feet. Lauhala weaving was also used to make sails, baskets, fans, and hats.

These tropical mats are decorative, as well, and will bring some island flair to any room or area in which they are used. Houzz documents several creative ways to use the woven matting including as a base for thatched roofing, to cover the interior surface of a ceiling, on walls in place of wainscoting or wallpaper borders, and to cover the front of a bar or kitchen island.

Lauhala is just one type of tropical matting you will find a Forever Bamboo. We specialize in quality bamboo products, but we are proud to carry a wide range of other tropical materials and decor to help you create an authentic island oasis in your home or business. Get the affordable top quality tropical products you've been looking for at Forever Bamboo.



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