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Lauhala Matting – Resort Style Tiki Bar

Many popular tropical resorts have the perfect tiki bar setup to capture the true spirit of the islands. Lauhala matting is a hand-woven eco-friendly material that is constructed from sturdy Hala palm leaves. Instantly transform your outdoor bar into a tiki atmosphere with Luahala weaving mats that are both sturdy and 100% eco-friendly. When looking for the perfect tropical decorative material, consider Forever Bamboo’s one of a kind Luahala matting. Each mat has hues of tans, honeys, and golden browns that look beautiful when applied to tiki bar fronts. The Hala leaves are woven into a one inch checkered pattern that gives the matting a unique tropical look. Large tourist attractions such as Disney’s Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar, use tropical décor products, bamboo, and matting to capture the tiki culture that was popular during the 50’s and 60’s. At Forever Bamboo, you can find all the products displayed to build your very own tiki oasis.


Easy Application – Lauhala Matting

Luahala mats are comparable to wallpaper and can easily be applied to hard surfaces such as tiki bar fronts and walls. There is very little hardware that is required for the application process. If you want to alter the size of the matting, simply take a sharp scissor or knife and cut according to size for your project’s needs. You can apply the matting with a staple gun, nails, or glue to any hard surface and allow drying for at least 24 hours. Lauhala matting looks great with tropical décor products such as tiki masks, wooden paddles, and tropical signs. Tropical wainscoting is also ideal for Hawaiian inspired parties and can be used as place mats or table decorations. Compared to other popular fibers such as sisal, Luahala matting is the most reliable green building material.

Since Forever Bamboo’s tropical matting is multi functional, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Bamboo slats are a beautiful addition when it comes to enhancing Lauhala matting surfaces further. Slats can be used as a finishing trim to border each matting piece applied to solid surfaces. No matter the application, Luahala matting will help enhance any home or business space.


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