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Maintain Your Green Lifestyle Through the Travel Season Starting Memorial Day

The summer travel season is upon us! As you plan trips to the beach, the islands, Europe or the ‘Staycation’ destination in your city, remember you can still go green away from home. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your green lifestyle as you travel through the summer months.

Participate in Hotel Water Conservation. Do you wash your towels and sheets everyday at home? Why do you go on vacation and expect a new towel every day? By reducing the laundry load in hotels, you save water, detergent and energy required to treat so-called “gray water” once it has been used in the wash. Make sure to ask the hotel staff or write a note to the housekeeper to ensure that your expectations are met. If staying with multiple people in a room, use safety pins with different color beads to denote which towel belongs to whom.

Pack Reusable Water Bottles. This is practical for both the environment AND your wallet. Don’t waste your money buying multiple bottles of water when you can fill one up for free. Most hotels have drinking fountains or water coolers with drinking water if you don’t trust the tap. Plus, you can take the bottle with you when you leave the hotel for hydration throughout the day.

Do Homework on Your Airline. American and Continental Airlines are both instituting energy saving upgrades for both in flight services as well as gas reduction, weight removal and waste management. Southwest is working on a program to ensure that all waste produced in flight is recycled. Book your trip with a company that is as sensitive to the environment as you are.


So as you indulge in all this world has to offer, make sure you leave behind an equally beautiful destination.

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