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Make A New Year's Resolution That Sticks

Welcome to the New Year! This is the time of year when our slate is wiped clean and we all get to start over. However, as most of us have experienced, we make resolutions that we know deep down, we will never be able to stick to throughout the year. Here is a list of the most popular and a couple of ideas to pare them down into accomplishable goals.

While it is true that the early bird catches the worm, “wake up early” is not the best New Year’s resolution. If you decide that this action is going to help in the long run, you need to be more specific. Why are you getting up early? What time is feet-on-the-floor? Try something like “get up an hour and a half early to go to the gym” or “get up 30 min early to spend more time with the kids before school” or “get up 15 min early to cuddle with significant other.” Without outlined details and consequences, you might wake up early this week, and 15 minutes before you leave for work for the rest of 2011.


Stop procrastinating is often a favorite among unorganized individuals and goes hand in hand with the ever popular “get organized” resolution. The best way to truncate this resolution is to first decide which things in particular that you have been putting off and what you will gain from accomplishing these tasks. As with everything, it’s best to individualize each undertaking and celebrate as you complete them.


Many people resolve to get a better job. Before you set out in search of a new position, start with a reasonable goal to help you get there like “spruce up resume” or “write a new cover letter.” Then, organize yourself, so you’re really making a vertical leap and not moving sideways. Set a pay floor as well as other priorities like commute time and potential for benefits so you aren’t applying randomly and hoping you wind up somewhere better.

Quitting cursing cold turkey sets you up for failure, especially if you are someone who swears before every noun. Once again, bite sized goals are the key. Try “stop swearing at work” or “stop swearing in front of the kids” to get you acclimated. You could even go the intellectual route a “quit cursing to emphasize a point” and try to express yourself in more constructive and creative ways.

Most citizens want to make the world a better place making “reduce, reuse and recycle” a mantra for many Januarys. However, trying to all of a sudden recycle everything in your house can seem impossible. Instead recruit your family or roommates to “recycle all paper” or “conserve electricity.” Recycling cans and bottles can be a profitable endeavor and you could use the proceeds for other eco-friendly initiatives like green light bulbs and appliances.

recycle idea
Remember, the key to a successful resolution is cutting it down into bite sized and accomplishable chunks. Whether your resolution is one of these or not, try to dissect it so that you can stick to it all year long. Good luck and Happy 2011!!

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