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How To Make Bamboo Walls

Looking for a way to add a unique look to a structure that you are planning to build in your yard? There are many ways of making walls using bamboo products that will bring natural beauty to your projects.


Bamboo Paneling (Version 1)

Items needed:

  • -Bamboo paneling cut to the height of the wall
  • -Bamboo poles or 2x4’s (for the framework)
  • -Clear contact cement, nails and lashing

Probably the easiest and fastest method of making a bamboo wall is by using bamboo paneling. This comes in many different styles, so you can customize the look for which you are going. Attach the paneling (which comes in rolls) to a framework of timber or lashed bamboo poles. Adhere your paneling of choice to the frame by using clear contact cement, lashing or small nails to give your project the look you desire.

Bamboo Paneling (Version 2)

Items needed:

  • -Bamboo paneling cut to the height of the wall
  • -2x4’s (for the framework)
  • -Plywood
  • -Clear contact cement, nails and lashing

Alternatively, you can attach the same bamboo paneling to a sheet of plywood for a very sturdy wall using clear contact cement and/or nails to attach the paneling. This method is very simple and can be used for many projects or structures (think sheds, playhouses, treehouses, etc.).

Weaving Bamboo Slats

Items needed:

  • -Bamboo slats
  • -Frame material (timber, bamboo poles/posts)

Use flattened bamboo boards or slats to weave the bamboo through a frame of horizontal bamboo poles spaced evenly along the length of the wall. In creating a wall with this method, it will provide privacy as well as a distinct look to give your project extra character.

Vertical Slat Wall

Items needed:

  • -Bamboo slats cut to height of the wall
  • -Frame material
  • -Nails and clear contact cement

After building a frame using bamboo, you can use bamboo slats vertically attached to the horizontal supports to create a traditional-styled bamboo wall.

Sandwiched Style (Pressure-Held) Wall

Items needed:

  • -Bamboo poles cut to the height of the wall
  • -Bamboo poles for the frame

This method of making a bamboo wall uses horizontal support beams or poles across a row of vertical bamboo poles. First, establish the frame that will contain the row of vertically arranged bamboo poles using horizontal supports. These horizontal supports are lashed to the frame holding the vertical poles together, sandwiching the poles between the support beams. The beams are held in place due to the amount of pressure put on them. To further strengthen this type of wall, you can add clear contact cement or lashing to each of the middle poles as they cross the support poles.

These different methods make easy ways of creating walls of interest for structures in your backyard. Bamboo walls are an appealing alternative to other materials because of the natural, classy look it will bring to your space.

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