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Mexican Palm Thatch - Affordable Roofing Material

Thatched roofs tend to invoke thoughts of tropical islands, but it is likely that the thatch you are used to seeing is South American in origin--Mexican palm thatch. It is the shaggy roofing material that is often used to roof tiki huts and to cover the walls of makeshift island abodes. Mexican thatch is affordable and eco-friendly, two characteristics that are just as important as the look it brings to the finished product that make it a top choice for use in businesses as well as private homes.


In addition to the look, the price, and the "green" factor, thatch made from Mexican palm is actually a wise choice for roofing material when it comes to protecting the surface underneath. Also known as Mexican rain capes, this type of thatch is effective for repelling moisture to keep the interior of any structure dry. That means that, in addition to being safe and non damaging  to the environment and creating an authentic tropical atmosphere, you can count on a roof covered in Mexican palm thatch to be functional.

This type of thatch comes in rolls of varying lengths. When installing it on a roof or even on walls or the front of a bar or counter, you will cut the rolls to the lengths you need, then begin at the bottom, overlapping the rows to produce the familiar tiered look, as well as enhance the protective element of the material. The result will be an attractive, shaggy effect. If the bottom of the thatch is too long and disheveled for your taste, you can easily trim it with a sharp pair of scissors to the ideal length.

Whatever project you are working on, at home or for a business, Forever Bamboo has a variety of thatch materials for the job including Mexican, Tahitian, African, and even artificial thatch. Just like our bamboo, the thatch we carry is top quality, and many products ship for free from Forever Bamboo.


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