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Mexican Thatch - Highest Quality Commercial Grade Palm Leaves

The open-sided structures popular in tropical climates such as South and Central America are so associated with the Mexican thatch roofs that they are named after the roofing material. Known as "palapas," these buildings take their name from the Spanish word for pulpous leaves. Thick and sturdy while at the same time being soft and flexible, palm leaves are an ideal material for building a sheltering structure. However, palm thatch is useful for transforming the decor in homes, backyards, and businesses, in any climate. Just a little imagination and a supply of thatch is all it takes to add a touch of the tropics anywhere.

Installing Mexican thatch on an awning, umbrella, or the roof of a gazebo is a first step you can take in turning your yard into an island oasis. If you have any left over, you can attach it to the roof of your dog's house to turn his home into a charming tiki hut. Other outdoor uses for the versatile, bushy thatch can include covering the face of an outdoor bar or securing it to a bamboo frame to create a privacy screen. Of all the types of thatch commonly used in construction, the Mexican variety tends to be the shaggiest, so you may want to trim off excess along the bottom if it overwhelms instead of enhances whatever it's attached to.

Mexican Thatch - Highest Quality Commercial Grade Palm Leaves

mexican thatch

Indoor use for thatch is similar to the numerous outdoor uses, and it brings an island feel to any room in your home or office. Cover the front and sides of an island in the kitchen or family room to replicate a tiki bar, or fasten thatch to the canopy over a bed as part of creating an island-themed bedroom.

If you're shopping for thatch of any kind, Forever Bamboo is the place to find it. We carry Mexican and Tahitian palm thatch as well as the African reed variety. All of our thatch products are quality and long-lasting, and the prices can't be beat at Forever Bamboo.

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