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Outdoor Bamboo Rug - Affordable and Eco-Friendly

It's as easy to care for an outdoor bamboo rug as it is to care for an area rug made of plastic or fabric. The nice thing about bamboo rugs is how versatile they are, enhancing the decor of your patio or deck just as they do a kitchen, living room, or family room. Any area rug requires basic cleaning to keep them looking nice and to help ensure they have a long lifespan, and ones made from bamboo are no different. Indoors or out, you will want to go over the bamboo rug with a dust cloth or mop at least once a week to remove surface dust, but eHow recommends also vacuuming rugs made of bamboo using the soft brush attachment to thoroughly clean between the bamboo strips.

Bamboo Area Rug

It's common for things to get spilled on your bamboo area rug, and the sooner you clean up after an accident, the better. Simply wipe the area with a damp cloth to clean away the spill. If it has already dried to a sticky residue by the time you realize something has been spilled, a clean, damp cloth should still do the trick, but you may also want to use a dry soft cloth sprayed with furniture polish or wood cleaner to give the spattered area a little extra TLC.

When you have a bamboo area rug outside, it is best to use it in a covered area such as a patio with a roof or awning, or a gazebo. That will keep it from getting wet when it rains. If your outdoor bamboo rug does happen to get wet, Oregon Live advises that you shake the water from the rug and then hang it over a railing or clothesline so it can dry completely and won't mildew or rot. Alternatively, keep an eye on the weather and bring your rug inside so it won't get wet at all.

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