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Outdoor Matting - Turn Any Space Into an Island Oasis

Natural fiber outdoor matting such as bamboo, lauhala, bac bac, and lampac matting is an ideal choice for adding a tropical feel to your patio, deck, or any outdoor living space. The warmth of the natural color of the woven fibers is as effective as wood for instilling an area with a tranquil quality. What's more, matting is very versatile, making it useful as a floor covering, on walls, and for awnings, too. The craft of weaving matting is a skill that has been passed down for generations, prompting DIY-ers with a penchant for crafts to attempt to rise to the challenge of weaving their own lauhala matting.

Tropical Outdoor Matting

The leaves of a variety of tropical tress can be used to weave matting but, as the ancient techniques website Primitive Ways points out, some hala leaves sport nasty thorns that need to be removed before you can begin preparing the leaves for weaving. The process of making your own matting from scratch is involved and time-consuming, taking days to complete. The leaves have to be dried, but not to the point of being brittle, so an optimal level of moisture has to be maintained to keep the leaves pliable while working with them. They have to be cleaned and cut into uniform strips--and that is all prep work that has to happen prior to the actual weaving.

Shopping Forever Bamboo is the better choice for obtaining tropical matting. It is uncomplicated and guaranteed to result in perfect matting time after time. We specialize in tropical supplies from bamboo to thatch and including outdoor matting. We have done the shopping around for you and insist on only the best quality matting made from sturdy palm leaves, hala, and banana bark. At Forever Bamboo, we offer matting in a variety of weaves to deliver the perfect look you want, and our prices rival those of wholesalers.

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