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  • How to Install Bamboo Fencing on Chain Link

    DIY installation of bamboo fencing on chain link

    Beautiful fencing stands out — it shows that you care for your property and want to create a private, atmospheric space.

    Whether you want to upgrade your commercial or residential property, durable, attractive fencing is a quick way to boost your curb appeal and your property value. But if you already have a fence installed, replacing it with new materials can be expensive and time-consuming. Many property owners are faced with a dilemma — do they stay with an outdated chain link fence, or do they invest large amounts of time and money into installing an entirely new fence with new materials and designs?

    Fortunately, installing bamboo fencing over existing chain link is a moderately easy project that instantly upgrades the look and atmosphere of your yard. Beautiful, eco-friendly and strong, bamboo is the perfect way to transform your space, and you don't need to tear down any existing chain link to build a new fence with this durable and versatile material.

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  • Bamboo Fencing and Pets

    Bamboo Fencing and Pets

    As a pet-owner and dog-lover, keeping your pup happy and healthy is your top priority. Whatever kind of home you live in, you want your dog to have enough space, freedom and opportunity to run, play, explore, expend energy and experience the joy of just being a dog — but you need to make sure they are safe in the process. That means establishing a barrier around your yard to keep your pup from wandering off or coming into contact with any outside danger.

    While many dog-owners like to settle for the ease and invisibility of electric fences for containing their dogs, it may not be the safest or most effective option for keeping your pup contained. When you're letting your beloved dog loose in your yard, you want to be sure they are as secure and safe as possible — and they stay on your property. Not sure where to start? Here's everything you need to know about the best fencing for dogs and what a bamboo pet fence can do for your property.

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  • Designing and Creating Your Tropical Backyard Space

    Designing and Creating DIY Tropical Backyard Space

    Do you dream of relaxing in a tropical paradise whenever you need to escape? If you look at your backyard and envision lush landscaping, an inviting seating area and a colorful Tiki bar, you've come to the right place. Whether your yard is small or large, you can create a piece of paradise with the right plants, decor and furnishings. In this post, we'll share tips for creating a tropical backyard DIY-style. After you design your tropical outdoor space, you'll look forward to spending time in the yard, and you may find it hard to leave.

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  • Benefits of Synthetic Thatch vs. Natural Thatch

    Synthetic vs Natural Thatch

    Are you trying to decide on a functional thatch for adding a tropical touch? Both synthetic and natural options have their advantages. If you've only used natural roofing before, consider some of the ways artificial thatch stands out as a quality décor alternative. Discover how you can use synthetic material to make your home or business look even more beautiful.
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  • A Dozen Creative Bamboo Fence Ideas

    Creative Bamboo Fencing Ideas

    Bamboo has been prized for centuries as a useful and beautiful building material. Today, bamboo is increasing in popularity as many people discover its many benefits. Bamboo can bring the beauty of nature to any space — indoor or outdoor. One way you can incorporate bamboo into your home or business is by using bamboo fencing.

    In this post, we'll learn more about why you should consider bamboo for your next project, how to use bamboo fencing and how to install a bamboo fence. Then, we'll look at 12 creative bamboo fencing ideas to get you inspired!

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  • 12 Fun and Easy DIY Bamboo Projects

    Fun and Easy Bamboo DYI Projects

    If you are looking for an affordable, attractive and eco-friendly way to enhance your home, look no further than bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable building and construction materials in the world. With proper harvesting, those bamboo plants will keep growing for years to come and will continue to add life-giving oxygen to the planet. Bamboo manages to look timeless, organic, chic and modern all at the same time, making it an extremely versatile material for furniture, decor and more.

    In this post, we're going to look at 12 fun bamboo projects for both inside and outside your home that are easy to complete. Before we get started, let's go over a few general tips for working with bamboo:

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  • Bamboo vs. Other Building Materials

    Bamboo vs. Other Building Materials

    When it comes to finding the right materials to use for your interior and exterior spaces, there are many choices to consider. But bamboo-based products are superior in their versatility, strength, durability and beauty. With a closer look at what bamboo wood can be used for, you will see why this is the material you should use for a variety of purposes.

    Bamboo, the world’s fastest growing plant, is an eco-friendly, sustainable building material that can be used for a wide range of decorative or structural projects like roofing, fencing, flooring, and even rugs. Along with being versatile, bamboo offers some unique benefits when compared to other building materials.

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  • How to Build a Mexican Thatch Umbrella

    How to Build a Mexican Thatch Umbrella

    A tropical ambiance can enhance all sorts of spaces, from island resorts, restaurants and bars to our very own backyards. No matter where you are, tropical-themed structures and decor can transport your mind to a place of fun, fresh air and relaxation. So, how can you create a tropical paradise in an otherwise-ordinary space?

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  • Thatch Installation Guide - Install Thatch The Easy Way

    Thatch Installation Guide

    Across the world, people flock to the tropics for their relaxed ambiance and breathtaking beauty. However, most of us don't live on an island — we only get to experience the tropics on infrequent vacations, and when we come home, our homes and workplaces can appear ordinary and distinctly un-tropical.

    If you're looking for a roofing material that provides a unique aesthetic touch, is relatively easy to work with, will last for years, and is an eco-friendly option, thatching may be what you need to consider for your next project.
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  • How to Build a Palapa

    How to Build a Palapa

    Beaches, resorts and water parks have a distinct tropical ambiance that's enhanced by many accessories and features, but the shelters that stand out at these destinations are the thatch-roofed structures — palapas. Palapas are found on coastal establishments and other themed locations, and these tropical huts offer an enjoyable setting to lounge in and avoid harsh sun rays.

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