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  • Bamboo Fence

    A bamboo fence is a classic element for a tropical-themed yard. Bamboo certainly evokes an island-feel better than chain link or vinyl. As a renewable and extremely durable material, bamboo can hold its own, going head to head with steel, so it is also a smart choice for building a fence, even if adding a touch of the tropics isn't on your priority list. However, you can use the versatile material around the house in unique ways that will dress up your outdoor decor and set your yard apart from the neighborhood.

    A Variety of Ways to Construct a Bamboo Fence

    Before moving beyond the perimeter, though, consider the variety of ways you can construct a bamboo fence. The simplest way is to install fencing material over an existing fence. That is an easy enough solution to a boring and drab wooden, vinyl or chain link enclosure. If the fence you want to makeover is chain link, you might also consider weaving bamboo slats through it. That technique may be a little more time-consuming but, as sturdy as it is, bamboo is also surprisingly flexible, so weaving an entire fence line using bamboo slats may not actually take as much time as you think. Alternatively, you can use the slats to build a fence from the ground up to provide privacy where there previously was none.

    Bamboo Fence

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  • Thinking of Getting Yourself a Bamboo Privacy Fence?

    Thinking About a Privacy Fence?

    Many homeowners enjoy having some privacy in their backyard. Fences and privacy screens provide coverage for you, your family, and your guests so that you all are not on display while trying to enjoy a nice evening on the patio. Most people would turn to a wood fence or privacy screen, but have you ever considered bamboo as a privacy fence material? Bamboo can provide plenty of privacy for your backyard area at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wood fence.

    Bamboo Privacy Fence

    Why Bamboo for Your Privacy Fence?

    Bamboo can easily alter the look of your backyard for the better. From a curb appeal perspective, why not install a fence that gives your home a unique look and allows it to stand out from the others. Additionally, bamboo can be used to create a fun atmosphere for your patio or deck that will be sure to relax you and your guests in a way that other materials can’t.

    Bamboo fences are a fraction of the cost of a wood fence. This is because bamboo is far more renewable than wood and is much easier to grow. As soon as you install a bamboo fence, it gives your backyard a stylish and modern look that standard wood cannot provide. Not only can a bamboo fence save you money, but it will also save you time as it is moderately easy to install.

    If you love to host friends at your home and hanging out in your backyard, then a bamboo fence is the perfect solution. Create a tropical theme that your friends can relax in - they will feel like they are on vacation when they come to your house! Creating an atmosphere like that fosters wonderful conversation and an easy ambiance that is bound to be the cornerstone of a fun evening with friends and family.

    One concern many of our customers have before purchasing bamboo is the amount of privacy it actually provides. A common question is, “Doesn’t a bamboo fence have gaps?” This is a fair question, and the answer is yes, a bamboo fence does contain small gaps. This is true of most privacy fence materials used in the outdoors - even wood fences can be seen through to some degree. However, the gaps in a bamboo fence are certainly small enough to be very hard to see through, and will most assuredly provide your backyard with the privacy you desire, while offering an aesthetically pleasing look that is impossible to get by using other materials.

    Get Started with a Bamboo Fence for Your Backyard Area

    If you’re looking to create a private area in your backyard that creates a great atmosphere for your guests and is also cost-effective, bamboo fencing is the material you need. It provides an eco-friendly, durable, and private screen for your backyard that is a fraction of the cost of the materials that you would otherwise use. Forever Bamboo carries the high-quality bamboo fencing material you need to create this incredible addition to your home. Shop our bamboo fencing options and contact us today to get a quote to beautify your backyard!

  • Viro Java Thatch Installation

    Artificial Thatch Installation - Valley Roof Styles

    If you are planning on rethatching your valley roof structure, artificial Viro Java thatch panels are the way to go. You will need to make sure all structures have a solid surface such as plywood decking or a waterproof membrane.

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  • Installing a Synthetic Thatch Gable Style Roof

    Synthetic Thatch Viro Java Panels - Effortless Installation For Gable Style Roof

    Synthetic thatch must be installed on sturdy solid surface structures or on plywood decking over rafters in order to adhere correctly. To ensure protection from rainy weather we recommend applying a waterproof membrane to solid surfaces prior to any thatch installations.

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  • Hawaiian Tiki Mask

    The Hawaiian tiki mask is central to Polynesian art. Most tiki mask designs are based on the four major deities in Polynesian culture: Kane, Kanaloa, Ku, and Lono. Because Hawaiians worshipped in their homes as well as in temples, according to Encyclopedia.com carved masks and idols designed to resemble the gods could be found in most public and private places throughout the islands. In fact, although the culture's religion recognized many gods and demigods, the National Park Service says that it was only the worship of the four main deities that was done publicly. Worship of the lesser gods was considered private business.

    Hawaiian Tiki Mask

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  • Bamboo Borders - An Excellent Addition to Any Garden or Backyard

    Installing bamboo borders are an excellent addition to a tropical garden. According to HGTV, you don't even have to be in a tropical climate to turn your yard into an island paradise. Yards in any region get a boost from colorful blooms and lush foliage typical of the tropics, especially areas that experience cold and snowy winters. Even in shorter growing seasons, palms and vibrant tropical blooms can flourish with the proper care, making an impact indigenous plants can't hold a candle to.

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  • Artificial Thatch and The Tropical Look

    Bringing some tropical flavor to your back yard can easily be done with some imagination and artificial thatch. For example, your gazebo is transformed into an island tiki hut just by installing thatch on the roof. Quality artificial thatch looks authentic and an artificial thatch roof will withstand the elements so it won't mold or rot away, even if you live in an area that has a variety of seasons and sees drastic temperature fluctuations. Plus, man-made thatch resists pests, too, so your tropical hut will look terrifically authentic for years.

    Buy Artificial Thatch Online

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  • Bamboo Edging and Borders Enhance a Backyard

    Bamboo EdgingThe landscape around your home is perhaps just as important as the house itself. You can never go wrong with adding bamboo to your yard to help give it a more welcoming feeling, and a better look. Bamboo edging and borders for landscaping is becoming more and more popular. It is a strong yet lightweight material making it easy to put wherever your yard needs it the most. The edging and borders come in several sizes and can be easily cut to fit any size you might need. There is also a large variety of shades to choose from, making it easy to add to your landscape. Bamboo can be added on gardens, pathways, or really anywhere you think your landscape could use it. It can be used both in a home setting, or a professional setting, bamboo looks great everywhere.

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  • Bamboo Poles - Stronger Than You Think

    Bamboo has long been proven to be a reliable building material. It’s been used as an alternative to wood for thousands of years and it has the durability to last many, many years and withstand the elements - but just how strong is bamboo?

    How Strong is Bamboo?

    Bamboo can easily be underestimated because of the fact that at first impression it is not as impressive in size as a tree and wouldn’t seem to be as strong as steel. Additionally, you probably wouldn’t believe that bamboo could stack up against concrete or would be comparable to a material like the futuristic and strong carbon fiber. However, bamboo has some impressive qualities that allow it to keep up with and even exceed the traits of these popular building materials.

    Bamboo is a very light building material, yet it is three times stronger than timber. When compared with steel, bamboo has a greater tensile strength, meaning it can withstand more tension or stretching pressure before breaking. When facing off against one of the hardest materials in the world, concrete, bamboo withstands compression better.

    If all of that wasn’t enough, bamboo accomplishes all of this while being far more flexible and malleable than any of the other materials we just mentioned and maintains the same strength as carbon fiber, but at a fraction of the cost! Bamboo is an amazing resource that offers incredible strength and durability benefits while being one of the most renewable building materials on the planet. Bamboo grows over eight times faster than trees and is most certainly easier to harvest than it is to creating steel or concrete.

    The Amazing Benefits of Bamboo

    Bamboo has proven itself to be a very strong and reliable building material throughout history, and the science supports this claim. Whenever bamboo faces off against other staples in the building material industry, bamboo consistently competes with and outperforms their strength and flexibility traits.

    When thinking about the projects around your own home, there is simply no other material on earth that can offer the immense strength and durability of bamboo at the same price. Furthermore, no resource that can boast the same reliability is nearly as renewable and eco-friendly as bamboo. Bamboo is one of Earth’s greatest resources and is a wonderful alternative to many of the building materials that most of us would think couldn’t be replaced!

    Take Advantage of the Strength of Bamboo

    For your next DIY project, take advantage of the amazing benefits of bamboo and experience the cost-effective strength, durability, and eco-friendliness that you won’t find in any other material. Forever Bamboo can provide you with great prices on a wide variety of high-quality bamboo materials you need to complete your project, and even provide support for installation questions. Contact us today to get started!

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    Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of applications other than commercial building. Many home remodeling television shows and interior designers are choosing bamboo as the go-to decorative piece when achieving a minimalist look.

    Bamboo poles are a great material to use for all your outdoor or indoor projects. Simply beautiful, they are versatile and perfect for many functions. Bamboo is also very eco-friendly and durable! Their durability also means that you'll be using the bamboo poles for a long time and don't need to replace it as often.

    Both natural and black bamboo poles are inexpensive enhancements for contemporary settings. Here are five examples of how bamboo poles can be integrated into your living space.

    Garden Stake

    Garden décor doesn’t have to be boring; bamboo poles are lightweight, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing. Use one inch poles to place in the ground at least twelve inches deep to ensure stability. Bamboo acts as a great support for heavier plants such as pepper and tomato. Tie each plant to the bamboo stalk with sturdy twine and let stand. You can also build a bamboo tripod for additional decoration.

    bamboo blog 1

    Kitchen storage

    Get organized with bamboo kitchen storage holders for your cooking utensils. Use a chop saw to cut bamboo poles to a desired size and length. You can choose a color stain to paint on the bamboo before tying the decorative rope. Place one or two utensils in each bamboo piece to create a modern, minimalist look.

    bamboo blog 2

    Wall décor

    Dried bamboo poles can be used as decorative art pieces throughout your home or office space. Get creative, paint or carve a unique design and position bamboo in opposing directions to add character. Bamboo poles provide an organic feel that welcomes a Zen atmosphere.


    bamboo blog 3.1

    Room divider

    Use bamboo poles of all sizes and diameters to make a beautiful room divider. Build a flower box and fill with garden rocks of any color. Place the poles down at least eight inches into the rocks and turn each pole to face a different direction.

    bamboo blog 4

    Plant Holder

    A great idea is to cut bamboo poles and use them as stylish planters. Instead of leaving your plant in a plastic pot, why not transfer it into a piece of decorative bamboo?Cut bamboo at the nodes and add dirt in each individual plant holder. Attach the bamboo holders in a spiral direction and decorate with small flowers or succulents. These planters can be bunched together for a neat effect. Pole diameters can range from 1 inch to 4-5 inches. Depending on the size use the planters to decorate your floor space or for outdoor tabletops. Plant beautiful succulents or flowers for a fresh and gorgeous look.

    blog pic 5

    Patio Roofing

    Bamboo poles are also used extensively as patio roofing. Not only is it highly functional but serves as a striking yet subtle backdrop for many different types of designs. You can tightly pack the poles together for more shade. If you want partial sunlight, space the poles every several inches. Enjoy a lazy afternoon under your bamboo pole patio or use the space for entertaining.

    bamboo poles roof patio

    Wedding Decor

    A very popular way bamboo poles are used are in weddings! Bamboo poles make wonderful arches since it warm glow of tans, beiges, and yellow make it a perfect for tropical or beach-side weddings. We highly recommend using Guadua bamboo poles when constructing the wedding arch of your dreams. Guadua bamboo poles are known for its consistency and beauty. They are straight and the diameter is even all throughout its length. With the tensile strength of steel, feel free to add anything to your bamboo pole archway. Decorate your archway with ethereal fabrics, boughs of flowers, hanging crystals, and even lights/lanterns!

    wedding bamboo ideas

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