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  • Bamboo Border Fence - Add an extra element of flavor

    If your yard needs a little extra something, maybe all it's missing is a bamboo border fence. Lengths of the pre-assembled border give an orderly, manicured look to yards and gardens, but they can also add an extra element of flavor when used in unique ways. Fortunately, the best border fencing is tailor made for functioning in distinctive ways. With a roll of the right bamboo border, all you have to supply is your imagination and the tin snips for cutting the necessary lengths.

    A bamboo border fence is the logical choice for separating the grassy area of a yard from the tilled soil of a flower or vegetable garden, but you don't have to be limited to a run-of-the-mill square or rectangular gardening plot. Instead of fencing off a corner of your yard, why not create a few different circular sections throughout the area? Because border fencing is assembled using wire made from galvanized steel, it is flexible and can encircle garden spots of practically any shape. Plant red and pink flora in a heart-shaped plot, and put lush, green foliage inside a four-leafed clover, both edged with an attractive bamboo border. Make diamonds, stars, or abstract shapes--whatever you desire to liven up an otherwise common yard.

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  • Bamboo Wainscoting - How to Build Your Own Tiki Bar

    Step 1: Decide on Shape and Size

    You don't have to be a draftsman - sketch out what you want your tiki bar to look like. Your imagination and the space you have are the only limits.

    Step 2: Prepare the Walls

    Tiki bars have three sides that double as support for shelving. Use 3/4-inch plywood, measured and cut to the proper sizes for each side of the structure. Cut pieces of bamboo wainscoting to the same sizes and set aside. Corners where the pieces adjoin should be miter cut for a professional fit. Use glue and nails to fasten the sections together. Attach L brackets to the corners for an enhanced, secure hold.

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  • Palapa Thatch and Authentic Looking Thatch

    The nice thing about building a palapa is that you don't necessarily need special palapa thatch to create the traditional thatched roof. Most people know what palapas are, but many know them by other names such as tiki huts or chickees. They are structures that don't have walls, only a roof and anywhere from one to four supporting posts. The simple design of palapas means you don't need any bamboo wall panels when you are assembling materials, and you'll only need enough thatch to cover the roof.

    Palapa Thatch and Thatch Products

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  • Bamboo Edging – An Eco-Friendly Addition to any Home

    Installing bamboo edging in a garden is an excellent décor piece to help enhance the overall atmosphere of your backyard. Transforming your backyard into an island paradise can be achieved with just a few eco-friendly products such as bamboo border edging. Flower beds and garden ponds can always use a little bamboo to welcome a warm, Zen feeling to the area. Bamboo borders are made with wires that allow for flexibility making it easy to work around different shapes that may be present in your backyard. Bamboo is naturally sturdy and is a good product to use both indoors and outdoors. If you plan on installing bamboo edging outdoors in direct sunlight it is a good idea to treat bamboo with a clear sealant to extend the lifespan.

    Bamboo Borders

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  • Forever Bamboo Donates Eco-Friendly Materials to Enhance Learning in the Classroom

    San Diego, CA. In an effort to support education, Forever Bamboo reached out to Temple Beth Orr’s Early Childhood Center in Coral Springs, Florida to see how they would be able to help promote eco-friendly learning in the classroom. Temple Beth Orr’s ECC provides children ages 6 weeks to 5 years with a warm, loving environment that encourages exploration and creativity in a collaborative atmosphere. With the leadership of veteran teachers Judi Lowe and Lois Kutchera, students participated in free choice activities that stimulated brain development and creativity.

    Bamboo Products Online

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  • Bamboo Paneling - Eco-Friendly Walls

    Deciding how to decorate your space and revamp the look of the rooms in your home can be a difficult task. Many have turned to bamboo to give their home a natural look that also catches the eye with its modernity. In particular, bamboo paneling is a popular way to give the rooms in your house a complete makeover. Let’s take a look at bamboo paneling and how you can use it to give your home a new look!

    What is Bamboo Paneling?

    Bamboo paneling is a flexible bamboo material that can be applied to concave or convex surfaces, as well as regular flat walls and ceilings. It’s pliable traits contribute to its desirability when resurfacing a room since it can be easily applied to walls or ceilings that might involve a few awkward angles that would make it hard to cover with other, less-pliable materials. Bamboo paneling can simply be installed with nails, glues, or staples to any surface around your home.

    Why Bamboo Paneling?

    You might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to panel my walls or ceilings with bamboo?”, which is a fair question. Bamboo paneling offers a very modern and stylish look for a fraction of the price of other comparable materials. Additionally, you have plenty of options to customize the look of your room with an abundance of color and thickness variations that you just can’t get with any other paneling on the market. Bamboo is a durable material in its own right and will last many years with standard upkeep making it well worth the investment to freshen the look of your home.

    How Do I Use Bamboo Paneling in my Rooms?

    The first thing to consider when thinking about using bamboo panels in a room is the kind of atmosphere you want to create. It’s important to use the right style and color of bamboo paneling for the intended purpose of the room. Once you have decided what you want, you can replace wallpaper or regular painted walls with some eye-catching bamboo paneling! Different looks can be created using different types of finishes. For a modern look, try using a natural, carbonized, tortoise, or chocolate finishes. For a more tropical look and feel, raw green or natural raw is a great stain option.

    Transform Your Home With Bamboo

    Bamboo paneling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to provide a completely new look to any room. It’s relatively easy to install and will certainly get your guests talking! Regardless of the current style or purpose of the room, there is a bamboo paneling option to fit your style and functional needs! Forever Bamboo can get you a quote on the bamboo paneling you need to start transforming your room - contact us today!


  • Bamboo Garden Border Edging - Outdoor Enhancements

    Nothing gives a yard and garden area a clean, finished look like bamboo garden border edging. The border gives a clear, defined separation between different features such as lawns, planting beds, walkways, water features, and more. While many people may think bamboo can only be used if the goal is a tropical look, bamboo is actually very versatile, especially if you choose borders in unique colors such as black bamboo rather than the traditional light honey color of natural bamboo. Though bamboo is a durable material that can hold its own against the elements, your garden edging will last longer, regardless of the color, if you treat it with a varnish or sealant before installing it.


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  • Bamboo Fencing Rolls - Backyard Enhancements

    Are you thinking about putting up a fence in your backyard, or maybe replacing the old fence that currently exists? Maybe you’re thinking about transforming the look of your backyard into something new and fresh. Bamboo fencing can help you achieve any of those objectives and completely revamp your backyard into a beautiful tropical getaway!

    Revamp Your Yard With Bamboo Fencing

    Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that curb appeal contributes quite a bit to the value of your home, and it makes sense - who would want to pay top dollar for a home that is just like everyone else’s? Bamboo fencing can help contribute to the unique look of your home to help boost curb appeal, and ultimately the value of your home. With bamboo fencing, you can create a stunning tropical theme in your backyard that will foster a fun and welcoming atmosphere for your family and your guests, while at the same time creating some privacy around your patio or deck area - and more reason for someone to buy your house when it comes time to sell!

    Installing a Bamboo Fence

    With all the benefits that bamboo fencing can offer, you might be thinking to yourself, “I’ll probably have to have a professional install it!” The fencing is so easy to put up, it only takes 3 steps! The first step is to put up the fence’s frame, usually made of wood, around the perimeter of your yard. This is where the cost savings come into play, as a fence made entirely of regular wood can get very expensive. Using a bamboo fence requires far less wood and is just as durable. Bamboo fencing comes in rolls, which means all you have to do to install it after you purchase the necessary roll length is affix it to the wood frame you set up in step one. Once it’s securely affixed to the frame, the last step is to enjoy your new backyard - it’s that easy!

    Get Started With Your New Backyard

    Adding a bamboo fence to your yard can completely change the look and feel of your backyard and transform it into a tropical paradise where you, your family, and your friends can relax and enjoy each other's company. Bamboo fencing can help create a beautiful and welcoming space that everyone will certainly enjoy at a cost far below that of a traditional wood fence! Forever Bamboo has the fencing rolls you need to start your new fence, and we have our customer service team ready to offer support to help you get installed. Click here to shop our selection of bamboo rolls and call us when you’re ready to set up your new fence. Start creating your own tropical paradise today!

  • Lauhala Matting – Resort Style Tiki Bar

    Many popular tropical resorts have the perfect tiki bar setup to capture the true spirit of the islands. Palm matting is an eco-friendly and durable option to bring the feeling of a tropical vacation to your home.

    Uses of decorative tropical matting:

    1. Walls – Palm matting can easily be installed on walls as a tropical alternative to wallpaper.
    2. Ceilings – Add palm matting to your ceiling to offer the room a tiki hut feel to the entire room.
    3. Cabinets – Palm matting can be wrapped around a kitchen island or used to cover the outside of a cabinet.

    ...and more!

    Tropical matting can be installed easily to give a tropical uniqueness to a room. Simply measure the correct size of where you would like to place the matting and apply it using strong adhesive glue or a staple gun.

    A common type of tropical matting is Lauhala. Lauhala matting is a hand-woven eco-friendly material that is constructed from sturdy Hala palm leaves. Instantly transform your outdoor bar into a tiki atmosphere with Lauhala weaving mats that are both sturdy and 100% eco-friendly. When looking for the perfect tropical decorative material, consider Forever Bamboo’s one of a kind Lauhala matting.

    Each mat has hues of tans, honey, and golden browns that look beautiful when applied to tiki bar fronts. Every mat is unique with color because of the natural texture. However, matting products are available in distinctive patterns, textures, colors, and sizes. The Hala leaves are woven into a one-inch checkered pattern that gives the matting a unique tropical look. Large tourist attractions such as Disney’s Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar, use tropical décor products, bamboo, and matting to capture the tiki culture that was popular during the 50’s and 60’s. At Forever Bamboo, you can find all the products displayed to build your very own tiki oasis.


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  • Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar – Transform Your Home with Tropical Wall Art

    In 1933, the Tiki movement began in California with Don the Beachcomber and a small bar located in Hollywood. Within a couple of months the bar picked up in popularity attracting tourists and even celebrities such as Walt Disney. Don’s goal was closely connected to the concept of escapism. Tropical themed drinks and décor such as bamboo, thatch, and tiki masks helped create an authentic island feel. Thanks to Don the Beachcomber, tropical wall art became extremely popular throughout the United States. The tiki trend even inspired the famous Enchanted Tiki Room attraction located at both Disneyland and Disney World theme parks.

    Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar is filled with tropical décor pieces that capture the spirit of the tiki movement during the 70’s and 80’s. Throughout the entire bar/restaurant you will see bamboo paneling, poles, slats, Luahala matting, and tropical signs. The elaborate lighting and visual effects bring to life a Polynesian tiki experience that still attracts guests from near and far.


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