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  • Bamboo Garden Border Edging - Outdoor Enhancements

    Nothing gives a yard and garden area a clean, finished look like bamboo garden border edging. The border gives a clear, defined separation between different features such as lawns, planting beds, walkways, water features, and more. While many people may think bamboo can only be used if the goal is a tropical look, bamboo is actually very versatile, especially if you choose borders in unique colors such as black bamboo rather than the traditional light honey color of natural bamboo. Though bamboo is a durable material that can hold its own against the elements, your garden edging will last longer, regardless of the color, if you treat it with a varnish or sealant before installing it.


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  • Bamboo Fencing Rolls - Backyard Enhancements

    Are you thinking about putting up a fence in your backyard, or maybe replacing the old fence that currently exists? Maybe you’re thinking about transforming the look of your backyard into something new and fresh. Bamboo fencing can help you achieve any of those objectives and completely revamp your backyard into a beautiful tropical getaway!

    Revamp Your Yard With Bamboo Fencing

    Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that curb appeal contributes quite a bit to the value of your home, and it makes sense - who would want to pay top dollar for a home that is just like everyone else’s? Bamboo fencing can help contribute to the unique look of your home to help boost curb appeal, and ultimately the value of your home. With bamboo fencing, you can create a stunning tropical theme in your backyard that will foster a fun and welcoming atmosphere for your family and your guests, while at the same time creating some privacy around your patio or deck area - and more reason for someone to buy your house when it comes time to sell!

    Installing a Bamboo Fence

    With all the benefits that bamboo fencing can offer, you might be thinking to yourself, “I’ll probably have to have a professional install it!” The fencing is so easy to put up, it only takes 3 steps! The first step is to put up the fence’s frame, usually made of wood, around the perimeter of your yard. This is where the cost savings come into play, as a fence made entirely of regular wood can get very expensive. Using a bamboo fence requires far less wood and is just as durable. Bamboo fencing comes in rolls, which means all you have to do to install it after you purchase the necessary roll length is affix it to the wood frame you set up in step one. Once it’s securely affixed to the frame, the last step is to enjoy your new backyard - it’s that easy!

    Get Started With Your New Backyard

    Adding a bamboo fence to your yard can completely change the look and feel of your backyard and transform it into a tropical paradise where you, your family, and your friends can relax and enjoy each other's company. Bamboo fencing can help create a beautiful and welcoming space that everyone will certainly enjoy at a cost far below that of a traditional wood fence! Forever Bamboo has the fencing rolls you need to start your new fence, and we have our customer service team ready to offer support to help you get installed. Click here to shop our selection of bamboo rolls and call us when you’re ready to set up your new fence. Start creating your own tropical paradise today!

  • Lauhala Matting – Resort Style Tiki Bar

    Many popular tropical resorts have the perfect tiki bar setup to capture the true spirit of the islands. Palm matting is an eco-friendly and durable option to bring the feeling of a tropical vacation to your home.

    Uses of decorative tropical matting:

    1. Walls – Palm matting can easily be installed on walls as a tropical alternative to wallpaper.
    2. Ceilings – Add palm matting to your ceiling to offer the room a tiki hut feel to the entire room.
    3. Cabinets – Palm matting can be wrapped around a kitchen island or used to cover the outside of a cabinet.

    ...and more!

    Tropical matting can be installed easily to give a tropical uniqueness to a room. Simply measure the correct size of where you would like to place the matting and apply it using strong adhesive glue or a staple gun.

    A common type of tropical matting is Lauhala. Lauhala matting is a hand-woven eco-friendly material that is constructed from sturdy Hala palm leaves. Instantly transform your outdoor bar into a tiki atmosphere with Lauhala weaving mats that are both sturdy and 100% eco-friendly. When looking for the perfect tropical decorative material, consider Forever Bamboo’s one of a kind Lauhala matting.

    Each mat has hues of tans, honey, and golden browns that look beautiful when applied to tiki bar fronts. Every mat is unique with color because of the natural texture. However, matting products are available in distinctive patterns, textures, colors, and sizes. The Hala leaves are woven into a one-inch checkered pattern that gives the matting a unique tropical look. Large tourist attractions such as Disney’s Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar, use tropical décor products, bamboo, and matting to capture the tiki culture that was popular during the 50’s and 60’s. At Forever Bamboo, you can find all the products displayed to build your very own tiki oasis.


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  • Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar – Transform Your Home with Tropical Wall Art

    In 1933, the Tiki movement began in California with Don the Beachcomber and a small bar located in Hollywood. Within a couple of months the bar picked up in popularity attracting tourists and even celebrities such as Walt Disney. Don’s goal was closely connected to the concept of escapism. Tropical themed drinks and décor such as bamboo, thatch, and tiki masks helped create an authentic island feel. Thanks to Don the Beachcomber, tropical wall art became extremely popular throughout the United States. The tiki trend even inspired the famous Enchanted Tiki Room attraction located at both Disneyland and Disney World theme parks.

    Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar is filled with tropical décor pieces that capture the spirit of the tiki movement during the 70’s and 80’s. Throughout the entire bar/restaurant you will see bamboo paneling, poles, slats, Luahala matting, and tropical signs. The elaborate lighting and visual effects bring to life a Polynesian tiki experience that still attracts guests from near and far.


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  • Reed Fencing as Candle-holders

    Reed Fencing can be used in any setting to add some beauty and character to your home or business. This grass like material is a great eco-friendly alternative that is also economically sustainable. There are two different color variations in natural and coffee to accommodate contemporary and modern styles. Reed fencing can also be used as an accent piece to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces. Even though peeled reed fencing is traditionally used for the home, it can also be used for crafting decoration.


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  • Reed Fencing Rolls – Enhancing Learning Environments

    Reed fencing rolls are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional fencing options and can be used to enhance learning environments. All fences are made from sturdy freshwater reed that is harvested directly from China. The best part is, reed fencing is easy to install and requires very little hardware. Some popular reed fencing ideas include installation over an existing fence, tropical awnings, bar fronts, headboards, and more. Since reed fencing is reasonably priced, it is an economically smart building material for school based projects and classroom enhancements. According to Learning & Teaching Preschoolers young children have an interest in learning about nature because it helps them understand the world around them. Not only does reed fencing provide beauty to decorative spaces, it can help create an outdoor feel within the classroom. Reed fencing rolls can be cut into different sizes and shapes to fit around wall spaces and furniture. This versatile material works well with just about any room enhancement project and instantly adds a relaxing tropical outdoor feel.


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  • Tropical Halloween Decorating Ideas

    You probably didn’t know that bamboo poles and thatch can be used as eco-friendly Halloween decorations.

    There are many ways you and your family can get creative this Halloween season. Decorating your home can bring the family together and spark some creativity. Here are some ideas to get all the neighborhood kids and guests talking.

    Tiki Masks

    Hawaiian Tiki masks can be placed on tables next to food or pumpkin carvings as tropical Halloween centerpieces. Hawaiian tiki masks also look great when attached to tiki torches that mirror the spirit of Hawaii and Halloween.

    Skull Tiki Torch

    If you are planning on building a haunted house in your front yard, consider a haunted Luau theme! Bamboo poles are flexible, durable, and affordable, making for the perfect haunted addition. You can use a 5 or 8-foot decorative bamboo pole as the body and attach small pieces in thatch around the top with glue or twine. Complete the body by attaching a skull and placing the pole anywhere in your yard.

    Skull on Bamboo Pole with Thatch

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  • Tiki Thatch - Hawaiian Home Makeover

    Have you ever dreamed of walking into your backyard and feeling like you were living in a Hawaiian paradise? Tiki thatch can give any home a beautiful tropical touch that many popular resorts achieve throughout the world. Thatch panels are made from dried palm leaves and are woven together to create a plush appearance that works perfectly for umbrellas and tiki structures. During the summer season thatch products are the most popular items sold at Forever Bamboo. Not only is Mexican palm thatch affordable, it’s environmentally practical when maintaining a "green" lifestyle. Thatching material is simple to install and can be placed on various surfaces with a few staples or nails. Open roof palapas mimic the luxurious structures found in most Hawaiian establishments. Tiki thatch has a natural blend of gold, tan and yellow colors that instantly create a relaxed beach look in your outdoor environment.

    Tiki Thatch Hawaiian Makeover

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  • Bamboo Fence

    A bamboo fence is a classic element for a tropical-themed yard. Bamboo certainly evokes an island-feel better than chain link or vinyl. As a renewable and extremely durable material, bamboo can hold its own, going head to head with steel, so it is also a smart choice for building a fence, even if adding a touch of the tropics isn't on your priority list. However, you can use the versatile material around the house in unique ways that will dress up your outdoor decor and set your yard apart from the neighborhood.

    A Variety of Ways to Construct a Bamboo Fence

    Before moving beyond the perimeter, though, consider the variety of ways you can construct a bamboo fence. The simplest way is to install fencing material over an existing fence. That is an easy enough solution to a boring and drab wooden, vinyl or chain link enclosure. If the fence you want to makeover is chain link, you might also consider weaving bamboo slats through it. That technique may be a little more time-consuming but, as sturdy as it is, bamboo is also surprisingly flexible, so weaving an entire fence line using bamboo slats may not actually take as much time as you think. Alternatively, you can use the slats to build a fence from the ground up to provide privacy where there previously was none.

    Bamboo Fence

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  • Thinking of Getting Yourself a Bamboo Privacy Fence?

    Thinking About a Privacy Fence?

    Many homeowners enjoy having some privacy in their backyard. Fences and privacy screens provide coverage for you, your family, and your guests so that you all are not on display while trying to enjoy a nice evening on the patio. Most people would turn to a wood fence or privacy screen, but have you ever considered bamboo as a privacy fence material? Bamboo can provide plenty of privacy for your backyard area at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wood fence.

    Bamboo Privacy Fence

    Why Bamboo for Your Privacy Fence?

    Bamboo can easily alter the look of your backyard for the better. From a curb appeal perspective, why not install a fence that gives your home a unique look and allows it to stand out from the others. Additionally, bamboo can be used to create a fun atmosphere for your patio or deck that will be sure to relax you and your guests in a way that other materials can’t.

    Bamboo fences are a fraction of the cost of a wood fence. This is because bamboo is far more renewable than wood and is much easier to grow. As soon as you install a bamboo fence, it gives your backyard a stylish and modern look that standard wood cannot provide. Not only can a bamboo fence save you money, but it will also save you time as it is moderately easy to install.

    If you love to host friends at your home and hanging out in your backyard, then a bamboo fence is the perfect solution. Create a tropical theme that your friends can relax in - they will feel like they are on vacation when they come to your house! Creating an atmosphere like that fosters wonderful conversation and an easy ambiance that is bound to be the cornerstone of a fun evening with friends and family.

    One concern many of our customers have before purchasing bamboo is the amount of privacy it actually provides. A common question is, “Doesn’t a bamboo fence have gaps?” This is a fair question, and the answer is yes, a bamboo fence does contain small gaps. This is true of most privacy fence materials used in the outdoors - even wood fences can be seen through to some degree. However, the gaps in a bamboo fence are certainly small enough to be very hard to see through, and will most assuredly provide your backyard with the privacy you desire, while offering an aesthetically pleasing look that is impossible to get by using other materials.

    Get Started with a Bamboo Fence for Your Backyard Area

    If you’re looking to create a private area in your backyard that creates a great atmosphere for your guests and is also cost-effective, bamboo fencing is the material you need. It provides an eco-friendly, durable, and private screen for your backyard that is a fraction of the cost of the materials that you would otherwise use. Forever Bamboo carries the high-quality bamboo fencing material you need to create this incredible addition to your home. Shop our bamboo fencing options and contact us today to get a quote to beautify your backyard!

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