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Palm Thatch Rolls - Versatile Roofing Material

Those who are hooked on tropical decor are experts at using palm thatch rolls, bamboo poles, and reed products to create an oasis in any indoor or outdoor setting. While patios, decks, kitchens, family rooms, and bar areas are obvious parts of a home that can benefit from island decor, the bedroom should not be forgotten. Headboards and bedside tables can be re-purposed using bamboo paneling or slats. Bamboo fencing is also useful for covering walls or creating borders or wainscots. Also, don't overlook thatch as a functional material that can take island decor a step further.


The vanity in any bedroom is a great place to begin. Almost any desk-sized table can be turned into a tropical vanity with the addition of a hinged mirror on the top and a layer of thatch around the base. Traditional vanities typically sport skirts made of fabric, but you can cover yours using palm thatch rolls, either wrapping them around the entire outer edge of the table, or leaving the front open for convenient and comfortable seating and easy access to drawers. It is simple to make a matching bench or chair--just do the same, wrapping the edge of the seat with palm thatch and trimming the bottom edge with scissors if it grazes the floor.

Thatch can also be used to create an island inspired canopy over a bed. You can either cover an existing canopy with palm thatch or build one using bamboo poles for the frame and thatch for the top. A nice, authentic touch for this type of canopy is the addition of gauzy material to affect mosquito netting, but you'll want to attach the fabric to the frame before installing the thatch.

When you shop Forever Bamboo for supplies, you don't have to bother with harvesting bamboo and palm yourself. We carry a large selection of tropical decor and sustainable green building materials to help you create the island haven you have always dreamed of in any room.


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