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The Hungry Red Panda - A Bamboo Hunter

logHow much does a hungry Red Panda eat in Human Food?

Well lets take a look at this little guy first!

The red panda is clearly dwarfed by the giant that shares its name. These pandas usually grow to the size of a house cat, though their large, bushy tails add an additional 17 inches. These pandas use their colorful tails as insulating blankets in the chilly mountain heights.

They have recently taken off in the social media world due to their fluffy and highly energetic nature.

But how much can they eat? On an average day a red panda eats 3.3 pounds of bamboo leaves and 8.8 pounds of young bamboo shoots every single day. That's a lot of bamboo poles, and we know bamboo!


Check out the info graphic to find out what their bamboo food equates to in human food!

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