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Reed Blinds and Reed Fencing as an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Reed Blinds and Reed FencingReed blinds add a beautiful Zen feel to any home or business setting and are one hundred percent eco-friendly. No matter what home décor style you are going for, reed is the perfect choice and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. The possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your home and Forever Bamboo is the place to begin. Both the coffee and natural reed color variations can be used in modern or contemporary settings. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to bamboo fencing, reed blinds and peeled reed fencing are highly recommended. Many homeowners purchase reed blinds and reed fencing to enhance kitchen, garden, office, and living room settings since reed is a flexible material. If you are looking for reed fencing ideas consider installing over existing fences to add a bit more privacy and character. All reed products are made from fresh water reed that is sourced directly from Beijing China.

Repurposing Reed Blinds in the Home

Reed Blinds and Reed FencingReed blinds don’t necessarily have to be used just as window shades. All blinds can easily be cut to any desired length and repurposed to create placemats or even earing holders! This versatile material works wonderfully for DIY projects that the entire family can participate in. Take a pair of sharp scissors and gently cut small sections of the reed blinds to transform into table mats for dinner parties. To ensure durability, all reed blinds have been connected with vinyl coated wires. Reed blinds can also be used as earing holders that make great gifts for friends and family. Measure a section of the reed blind and cut to any desired length. Finish by attaching a string or steel wire to the first row of reed so that you can hang the holder to the wall. Earrings can easily be organized and displayed for everyday use with this easy DIY project.

Forever Bamboo sells high quality reed blinds and reed fences at affordable prices and makes great DIY eco-friendly material that everyone can enjoy.


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