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Reed Fencing Ideas to Beautify Your Front or Backyard

Fencing materials are surprisingly versatile and, with a little imagination, you can come up with unique reed fencing ideas that don't involve building a fence. For example, you can frame a length of fencing to use as a privacy screen on a patio or deck; cover the outside of a shed or dog house to remake it into an enchanting English cottage; or cut sections of reed fencing in half height-wise and use them to fence off garden areas, keeping them safe from foraging pests.

Reed Fencing Ideas

If you enjoy truly distinct reed fencing ideas, use it to build a canopy, creating kind of a cross between a privacy screen and a gazebo. A terrific element to this yard-improvement project is that you only need a few materials to build an attractive shelter that not only offers privacy, but also an area for outdoor dining, entertaining, or any kind of family enjoyment. You'll need some utility welded wire fencing, the large mesh type with 5 to 6-inch squares, a supply of ground staples, a small-diameter bamboo pole, some reed fencing, and wire or zip ties. Secure the ends of the wire fencing to the ground with the ground staples, placing the ends about 10 feet apart to create an arch with the fencing. Unroll the reed fencing and lay it over the outside of the wire arch, attaching it with the zip ties or bits of wire. Cut the bamboo pole into 18 inch lengths and pound them into the ground at the base of the inside and outsides of your canopy walls to help stabilize the structure.

You can make your reed canopy however big you want, and with a project as easy as this one, you can start it Saturday morning and have it done in time to enjoy throughout the weekend. Need a source for quality reed fencing? Just place your order with Forever Bamboo today and we'll deliver it right to your front door!

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