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Using High Quality Reed Fencing Rolls to Enhance Your Property

Reed fencing rolls are useful for affordably decorating homes and businesses with island flair. The most common way to make use of fencing rolls is to attach them to existing fences for a fresh new look. In addition to offering an economical solution for refurbishing a fence, reed fencing is quick and easy to install. Do It Yourself explains that attaching reed fencing to a chain link fence only requires securing it into place with lengths of wire attached at the bottom and top of the fence. Alternatively, you can mount reed fencing rolls on a wooden fence using horseshoe nails or even a staple gun.

Reed Fencing Rolls

As reasonably priced as reed fencing is, you can use it in many other ways. Some reed fencing ideas include wrapping it around an above-ground pool or covering lattice panels with the fencing to create attractive privacy screens. You can create a tropical awning above your patio using chicken wire or livestock screen for a base, then attaching panels of reed fencing to them. Pinterest has a treasure trove of ideas for using the fencing rolls including building an island-inspired bar out of wooden pallets covered with bamboo on the front and back.

Different Styles and Shades of Reed Fencing Rolls

Rolls of reed fencing come in a selection of shades to allow you to coordinate with existing decor, or build your color scheme around the beautiful natural hues of the reeds. You can simply brush on a clear coat sealant to protect the beauty of the wood, or paint it any color you want. You will even find a variety of fencing made from willow reeds that is not only beautiful but can be used in the same ways as other reed fencing to enhance your decor indoors or out.

When your creativity takes over and you need to find quality reed fencing rolls at the best prices, come to Forever Bamboo. We carry the natural eco-friendly bamboo and reed products you need to create your own little piece of island paradise.


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