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Shopping for Bamboo Blinds?

Be sure your bamboo window treatments look right on your windows. Have fun researching online and/or asking a trusted friend so you come up with the best options for your home.

Would an inside mount be more effective or attractive than an outside mount?

Be sure to measure carefully. You might need an inch and a half of depth if mounts are on the inside. (Otherwise it could push outside your window). Some people are fine with the shade or blinds being a few inches larger in width & length than the width of their window. If want a perfect fit, you’ll need to consider a custom bamboo window treatment.

Retail stores are wonderful as there are quite a few window treatment specialty stores depending on the city or towns you may be near. You can touch and see your options and possibly speak with someone who is experienced with hanging them.

Visiting a design studio or interior decorator can provide important insight if they have worked with bamboo window treatments before. Be sure to ask plenty of questions of your designer if you go that route; you want to ensure the designer knows exactly the how you wish the shades or blinds to function in your room.

The internet can make things fast and easy when it comes to shopping, but it is important to be cautioned, sometimes the color in the photographs on the internet are not always exactly or even the same as what will arrive in the box. Internet shopping can prove more cost efficient; it is still up to you to measure carefully. We also recommend establishing a rapport with the customer service staff to ensure you are pleased with your purchase.

Take your time, shop around, go to the library and Google all your options online. Make a well informed decision prior to your purchase.

The following are questions to consider:

Will you require a liner for your shades/blinds? Do you need a darker affect for a bedroom or do you enjoy the natural light? Are you looking for a design style that is unique or simply trying to match color shades in your room(s).

How will your shade or set of blinds raise? Is there a “top down” option?

Will they be cut evenly? Do you have an option to put cords on either side?


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