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Solar Lighting Saves Summer

The past year everyone from small businesses, to large corporations, to individuals, to families is trying to save more and consume less. Whether this is in an effort to save money, time, the environment or just piece of mind is an individual choice but the end goal is essentially the same. As the summer approaches, our mindset will stay the same even if our intentions change. Summer is a season for relaxing with friends, enjoying the sun and taking advantage of the hot days and warm nights.  However, we can’t forget our efforts to save. Solar lighting is a perfect solution if you want to save AND enjoy the outdoors into the evening. Here are some reasons to go solar for the summer:
1.) Save money. You don’t have to continually pay a higher electricity bill through the summer months to light your yard or patio. Though it will be a higher upfront cost, your solar lights will last long enough to save you money through the years.

2.) Save time. Don't bother with complicated electrical systems and trying to run extension cords all over the yard. Solar lights require only a simple mounting and exposure to the sun to work all night long.

3.) Save energy. If forgetting to turn your outdoor lights off is a problem, solar lights turn off automatically at dawn. Additionally, most come equipped with timers and manual off switches for easy manipulation.
4.) Save your health. As with any electrical unit, there is always a danger of fire and/or electrocution, especially if the light source is near a pool or exposed to rain. Solar lighting does not require electricity so you, your children and your pets are at minimum risk for an electric accident.
5.) Save your artistic vision. Solar lights come in so many styles and variations that you are sure to find the right one for your taste and needs. Bulbs can be exchanged for different colors and solar units can be attached to plastic, wood and aluminum.

So remember that whatever you are trying to save, solar lighting can probably help. As we find ourselves inching towards the best months of the year, remember that your beautiful summer days need not be sacrificed to the dark; they can proceed long into the night with the use of solar lighting.

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