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Synthetic Palm Thatch

A tiki hut with a synthetic palm thatch roof is a valuable addition to any yard or outdoor area. As an open-air structure, tiki huts can be used in a variety of ways from cabanas to picnic shelters to bars and even outdoor kitchen areas. All of these are beneficial in private or business settings alike. Just as much as offering protective covering from the elements, these tropical huts also enhance the ambiance. As quickly as one can be constructed, it can change a common, dull outdoor area into an island getaway.

Synthetic Palm Thatch

Synthetic Palm Thatch and Tiki Huts

Tiki huts are also known as chickee huts and, depending on the size you need and the purpose it serves, they can be constructed in different ways. The best design for larger, oblong areas, for example, is an "A" frame style construction. At least four bamboo poles are used, one on each corner of the structure with additional poles for added support if necessary, and the roof is pitched and covered with synthetic palm thatch. Alternatively, smaller areas can be adequately served with an umbrella-style tiki which is essentially a thatched roof supported by just one pole in the center that has shorter, supplementary poles attached and radiating out for extra support. Synthetic thatch is something that will last AND beautify!

Typically, chickees or tikis are open on all sides, but building a half-wall around the exterior with bamboo or thatch is an attractive way to introduce an element of privacy that partitions the spot under the hut off from the rest of the area. It's a nice touch for picnic shelters, cabanas, or sitting areas. Of course, you can build walls or half-walls on one, two, three, or all four sides, if you want to--it's your hut, so you get to set the rules.

When building your tiki hut, be sure to get synthetic palm thatch for the roof from Forever Bamboo. Our artificial thatch is top quality and recyclable. It will last longer than natural thatch and is as easy on the environment as it is on your budget.

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