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Synthetic Thatch Roll - Used for roofing any structure

Thatch is a great option for roofing almost any structure, and it can even be used in a decorative manner such as covering the front of a bar or kitchen island. Technology and ingenuity has made synthetic thatch roll available, and it rivals real thatch in all areas as well as outperforming its natural counterpart in some ways.

Synthetic Thatch Roll

The first reason you might choose artificial over natural thatch is that it will last much longer. Of course, if you regularly maintain real thatch, you will extend its lifespan. However, synthetic thatch can last as long as properly maintained natural thatch, but without all the maintenance. Obviously, you will want to look after any type of thatch you install, so routine maintenance on synthetic thatch will increase the longevity all the more. It won't require annual applications of protective treatments, as natural thatch does, but you should perform yearly inspections of any thatch that's been installed outdoors so you can repair or replace any areas that may have sustained damage from extreme weather. Unless you live in an area that sees frequent severe storms, it's unlikely that you'll have many, if any, sections to replace from one year to the next.

Synthetic Thatch Roll - Used for roofing any structure

Pests are another problem that real thatch can have. Rodents, insects, and sometimes even birds are attracted to natural thatch, and an infestation of any of them can result in serious damage. Vermin aren't interested in artificial materials, though, so you won't have to worry about those unwanted guests when you install synthetic thatch.

When you opt for natural thatch, you can always treat it with a fire retardant product to reduce the chances of it catching fire, but faux thatch is already made from fire resistant materials, crossing that concern off the list from the start. Plus, even though it's made from synthetic materials, artificial thatch is just as eco-friendly as natural thatch.

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