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Synthetic Thatch Roof Material

Using synthetic thatch roof material allows you to skip a lot of the work that goes into building an authentic thatched roof. According to eHow, it all starts with bundling grass or reed together to create the thatch panels. True thatched roofs are made entirely of the panels, with no sub-roofing below it. With nothing but rafters to attach the panels to, the thatch has to be hand-stitched to the rafters to secure them to the structure. An optional step that can help keep the panels in place during high winds is to cover the finished roof with wire mesh, fastening it to the thatch by weaving wire throughout all the panels. Still, the natural materials won't last indefinitely and you may start to notice shedding and decomposition as early as 3 years after installation.

Synthetic Thatch Roof Material

Synthetic Thatch Roof Material and Building Your Roof

Striving for an authentic looking roof does not have to be that labor-intensive and, when you opt for synthetic thatch roof material, your roof will last at least twice as long, and often longer than that. Quality synthetic thatch is surprisingly realistic looking, plus it is environmentally friendly so it's recyclable and non-toxic. These artificial roofing materials stand up well to the elements, and not only are they long lasting, but you won't have to worry about harmful runoff even after a torrential downpour or particularly harsh winter.

The best part of using artificial thatch is how easy it is to install. You will still get a genuine look by attaching it to an existing roof, so all you need to do is cut the rolls of thatching into the lengths you need, then secure it to the sub-roof with nails or a staple gun. The result is an authentic looking thatched roof completed in a fraction of the time.

Come to Forever Bamboo for quality real or synthetic thatch roof material for a realistic tropical look that is easy to install, will weather well, and last for the long haul.

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