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Tahitian Face Mask, Tiki Masks, and Tropical Decor

Usually tiki decor tends to bring the Hawaiian Islands to mind, but archeological finds of items such as the traditional Tahitian face mask along with other paintings and carvings have linked Tahiti with other islands in the Pacific Ocean through what the Art Encyclopedia calls "Oceanic Art." Of course, to the ancient Tahitians, the masks and totems they carved and painted were not so much pieces of artistic expression as they were religious items intended to honor ancestors, and were used in worship ceremonies in homes as well as in public gathering places.

Tahitian Face Mask

Tahitian face mask relics and statues have been found in a variety of sizes from smaller pieces that could be worn or carried easily to larger specimens that were likely hung on the walls of homes and ones even bigger still that possibly guarded buildings and even entire villages. While many people assume that it was the men of the community, such as priests and medicine men, who mastered the art of carving totems and masks and passed the skill down from generation to generation, Tahiti Tourisme reveals that the women--matriarchs and "mamas" from the villages--were just as involved and skilled in creating the essential religious carvings that symbolize Island Art today.

You don't have to be of island descent to appreciate Oceanic Art. It is a perpetually popular decorating theme no matter where you live or where your ancestors hail from. Tropical decor inspires a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere in any indoor or outdoor space, including businesses as well as homes. Give it a try and you'll see how much a carved mask, wooden sign, or colorful hanging bird can influence the feel of your deck, patio, family room, or office. At Forever Bamboo, we carry a wide selection of just the tropical decorating items you're looking for. Choose one or two pieces, or stock up--our island decor is reasonably priced and many items ship for free from Forever Bamboo.


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