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Thatch for Tiki Hut

Building a palapa is a sure-fire way to bring a taste of the tropics to your yard, no matter what part of the world you live in. Of course, to ensure your island structure is authentic, you'll need the proper building materials such as bamboo poles and paneling, tropical matting, and thatch for tiki hut roofing. Internet merchants have made it easy to get the supplies you need, so you won't have to skimp or make do with less tropical-looking materials. Just plan out the size of hut you want, estimate how much of each item you'll need, then place your order and start building once it has all been delivered right to your front door.

Thatch for a Tiki Hut

It's OK if you aren't confident in your architectural skills--there are other, easier ways to build a tiki hut without having to draw up detailed plans. Palapas or tiki huts are very similar to gazebos, so you can always start with a simple gazebo structure and affix bamboo and thatch to it to turn a run-of-the-mill pergola into an island-inspired shelter. Half-round bamboo poles are perfect for attaching to the posts that make up the supporting structure of a gazebo, and bamboo paneling can be installed on the exterior panels. Install thatch on the roof, then roll out tropical matting on the floor and you've got an almost-instant tiki hut that will be the envy of the neighborhood. One final tip to keep your palapa looking great and weathering well: treat the bamboo and thatch with the appropriate sealant products when you first build your tiki hut, as well as annually for maintenance.

If you are looking for bamboo or thatch for tiki hut construction, come to Forever Bamboo. We carry a large selection of tropical building materials at terrific prices, and are happy to help figure how much of each material you'll need. Whatever you require to remodel a gazebo or build a tiki hut from the ground up, come to Forever Bamboo.

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