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Thatch Paradise- Create Your Luxurious and Lush Eden

Thatch umbrellas and structures evoke picturesque images of a tropical paradise and a lush and languid life-style. The people of the tropics definitely got it right when they designed their homes with this amazing resource. Not only is it a beautiful material with many functions, thatch is an incredibly green product to use as well.

What is thatch?thatch palapa

In general, thatch is a form of dried grasses or other plants. The dried material is often tied together with string or rope to create a thatch panel that is used for creating umbrellas, roofing for structures, or palapas. The types of thatch varies on the type of plant used to make it. Mexican Palm Thatch tends to have a very plush and fluffy appearance that's great for the relaxed beach look. This is made from the dried Mexican palm leaf and is the most popular thatch with its warm hues of yellow and sandy beige and is in use by many homes, resorts, and businesses. The next popular style is the Tahitian palm thatch. This does not look as "messy" as the Mexican but is another popular island beach style material to use. The Tahitian is more grey-ish in hue and is very luxurious and sophisticated. This type of thatch is seen frequently on island resorts such as Bora Bora. Like the Mexican, the Tahitian is made from dried palm leaves unique to its area (hence the different colors) and is lashed together with nylon string to create streamlined panels that are ready to install.


If you'd like a truly unique look, the African reed thatch is a gorgeous material to use. It is the most structured looking out of all the thatches with its special blend of golds, browns, and greens. Companies have also started coming out with synthetic versions of thatch which lasts up to 20 years.

Why use thatch?

Thatch is a wonderfully versatile material. The traditional method is to use it for any overhead structures but it can also double up as a beautiful party material. Dress up tables, tiki bars, and tiki huts using thatch as skirts to add tropical or island flair to your festivities. This material is also a great insulating material. During the warm months, thatch keeps your cool from its shade and the space of air pockets between the grasses keeps the heat from penetrating the building. During the colder months, these same pockets of air keeps the inside  warmer. Thatch is also environmentally friendly with a low carbon foot-print and is 100% recyclable. Creating umbrellas and palapas do not require heavy machinery and the construction of thatch panels is green as well.

Custom Thatch Umbrella Over 8 foot Bar

Stop by our store for a huge variety of styles, sizes and colors and get started on your tropical paradise! If you have any questions regarding the length, style, or amount needed for your projects, give us a call or chat online with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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