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Thatch for Sale – Forever Bamboo Tropical Roofing

When you find thatch for sale, it's easy to go a little overboard buying much more than you need. However, it's always good to have extra thatch on hand for quick patch jobs. Thatch is such a versatile material that it can even be used to create an outdoor home for your favorite pet. Your dog may already have a house, but you can give it a tropical makeover using Lauhala matting and thatch to turn it into a charming tiki hut. On top of giving your pet a cool place to hang out, it will enhance the island vibe of your yard.


When you’re committed to turning your backyard into an oasis, creating the doghouse is probably one of the easiest projects you'll take on. You'll start out with a basic house-shaped wooden or plastic dog house, and simply apply a few tropical building materials to the exterior to give it a whole new look. Cut pieces of tropical matting to be stapled to the exterior walls of the house, and cover the roof with rows of thatch, allowing some fringe to overhang the bottom edges. Half round pieces of bamboo are perfect for trim to finish off your dog's delightful tiki hut.

There are a few other touches you can add to the doghouse to make it even more authentic. Tacking down a piece of matting on the floor of the house will add an element of comfort to the interior. Also, if the house is for a larger dog and is big enough, you could hang a smaller wooden tiki mask just outside the front door.

If you’re up to undertaking a doghouse remodel, Forever Bamboo has bamboo poles and tropical matting, and we also have thatch for sale. We even carry carved wooden tiki masks and other tropical decor to decorate anywhere. You'll find everything you need to create an island retreat for every member of the family at Forever Bamboo.


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