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Thatched Roof – Elegant Decorative Roofing

While a thatched roof is commonly associated with island structures such as tiki huts and open air homes, Natural Builders Northeast points out that thatch has long been used as a natural roofing material in a variety of climates including the tropics, but also in colder environments such as northern Europe. Architecture in places such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and Iceland has many varieties of thatch roofing styles. Palm leaves obviously aren't available in those areas, but reeds are, proving reed thatch an effective and useful material for roofing in any climate.

Synthetic Palm Thatch

Quaint English cottages are examples of structures with roofs covered in thatch, and they are popular models as playhouses for children. Whether or not a household includes young kids, a miniature bungalow built to resemble an old English house complete with thatched roof is a delightful decorative addition to any backyard or garden.

While homeowners used to have to rely entirely on the thatch to keep the weather out of their homes, installing thatch on a roof today can be either decorative or functional. Thatch can be attached to an existing roof for an aesthetic effect and a bit of enhanced roof protection. Alternatively, a roof can be constructed of bamboo poles or other lumber and woven matting to create a sub roof to which thatching can be secured, resulting in an entirely authentic old-world roof. Using quality thatch is the key, naturally, to ensure that the roof will stand up to the elements and last for as long as 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance.

Whether the look you are going for is tropical or European, Forever Bamboo has the thatch products that will add charm and character to any building. Take your pick from thatches made of palm or reed to get just the look you want. Plus, shipping is free on many of the thatch products you get from Forever Bamboo.


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