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Thatched Roof - Made from Organic Materials

Because it's made from organic materials, you might wonder how durable a thatched roof can be. Thatch has been used to roof houses and other structures for centuries, and the fact that it is still used today even though there are other, more modern alternatives is just one indication of its usefulness. After all, if a thatched roof didn't last longer than a few years and was ineffective at keeping the weather out, the only time you'd see a thatched roof would be in the history books.

Thatched Roof - Made from Organic Materials

The roof slope is part of proper installation. Thatch should not be installed on a rooftop with no slope at all so, although the slope is not something you necessarily have control over, you should build the slope up to at least 25 degrees to ensure you get a maximum lifespan out of the thatch on your roof. German builders Hiss Reet advise that the steeper the incline on the roof, the longer the thatch will last because rain and snow will be able to run off more easily. In fact, an appropriately maintained roof covered in thatch can last longer with a steep roof slope of 50 degrees.

If you're still hesitant to cover your roof with an organic material but would like to give your home the unique look thatch offers, consider synthetic thatch. A quality artificial product will be eco-friendly like the natural material it's modeled after, and it will last longer, especially if you're just as diligent about maintaining it as you would natural thatch. You'll find those quality products, including natural and artificial reed and tiki thatch at Forever Bamboo--your source for top-of-the-line alternative building materials.

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