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Thatching Material - Enhance Your Backyard Into a Tropical Escape Paradise

When comparing thatching material, you might find it difficult to choose between natural and artificial thatch. If purchased from a reputable dealer known for carrying quality products, natural thatch can hold its own against synthetic, while at the same time a good artificial thatch will rival its natural counterpart in appearance and performance. In the end, making a choice will likely come down to personal preference, but it is still valuable to examine the benefits that natural and synthetic thatch have to offer. As you go through the list of advantages of each, the one that has the elements that resonate with you the most will be the thatch product that you'll be happiest with.

Thatching Material - Enhance Your Backyard Into a Tropical Escape Paradise

thatching material

There are three natural thatches that are most widely used: Mexican palm thatch, Tahitian palm thatch, and African reed thatch. Each type has been used for centuries to offer effective insulation to structures and to keep weather outside where it belongs. That includes moisture, as natural thatch is nature's waterproof material, practically tailor made for roofing homes and other buildings. Thatched roofs have been known to last a decade or longer with proper care, but modern sealant products extend the life of natural thatch to not only help it repel water better and to stand up against mold and decay for an even longer life, but to also make it fire retardant.  

On the other hand, artificial thatch is long-lasting as well as water resistant, and some types are fire retardant, too. Though made from synthetic materials, a quality artificial thatch is eco-friendly and recyclable, so it's just as safe for the environment as natural thatch while doing a terrific job of resisting mold, mildew, and rot. It doesn't require maintenance as frequently as real thatch, but it will last longer if you take care of it. Plus, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, faux thatch looks surprisingly real.

Whichever thatching material you decide on, get yours from the tropical building materials specialists: Forever Bamboo.        

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