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Tiki Thatch – The Perfect Home Enhancement

Thatching material is a great way to make a tropical statement within your home or business setting. Tiki thatch is a natural material that is woven from dried palm leaves and has a natural golden brown color. Traditionally, thatch is used to cover tiki bars and palapas, but it is also used as decoration for tropical themed parties. Mexican and Tahitian styles resemble thatch that can be seen in popular resort settings and restaurants. Tiki thatch is 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe for the environment. While there are many different types of thatches, natural thatching materials best mimic an authentic island feel. For many centuries thatch has been used as roofing material to protect against rain and other undesirable weather conditions. Today, thatch is still used as roofing material to enhance bland outdoor spaces. For longer lasting thatching options, Forever Bamboo has developed artificial thatch ideal for commercial businesses. Tiki thatch is also a cost effective alternative to other popular roofing materials that may take much longer to install.


Create a Tropical Escape with Tiki Thatch

In addition to the positive qualities of thatching materials, tropical décor items can even be incorporated with thatch. If you are planning a Hawaiian inspired party, line dinner tables with thatch and attach a tiki mask or two. Thatch is simple to apply and requires a staple gun or zip ties. The leaves that create thatching materials act as a great insulator that keeps palapas cool during the summer and warm during the winter. You can also alter the length and size of tiki thatch with a sharp scissor or razor blade. If you are looking for the perfect green building solution for your next tiki bar or palapa, thatch is the product for you. Mexican thatch runner rolls are versatile and can be used as roofing material and party decoration. For a lush look, two layers of thatch will work best on any roofing structure. The moment your guests enter your backyard they will instantly feel the island vibe.

Forever Bamboo specializes in importing the highest quality tiki thatch to help you get started on your next housing project.


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