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Tiki Thatch Roof

Ages ago, Islanders used materials that nature provided in abundant supply to build the necessities of life. Because palm trees grow like weeds in the tropics, that meant installing a tiki thatch roof instead of roofing homes or other structures with shingles made of tar, tile, or stone. The native builders weren't necessarily trying to go for a unique look or outdo their neighbors. They were simply using supplies that were readily available and that also happened to be durable and effective for withstanding the hot tropical sun as well as the punishing rainstorms that hit the islands seasonally.

A Tiki Thatch Roof Adds to Any Outdoor Structure

Interestingly enough, the distinctive look a tiki thatch roof displays is one that modern homeowners and business owners alike frequently want to duplicate to bring an island feel to a backyard or building exterior. There is no denying that a tropical theme certainly does the job of inspiring a light hearted, relaxing mood like few other building and decorating techniques can. Plus, you don't necessarily have to turn an entire building into a tiki hut. Just installing thatch on an awning or oversized umbrella is as effective for adding a dash of the tropics to any area you want to make more warm and inviting.

Tiki Thatch Roof

The good news is that you don't have to live on an island or even in an area where palms are plentiful. Forever Bamboo has all the thatch you need for any size of tropical building or remodeling project. We carry everything from Mexican thatch and Tahitian palm thatch to African reed thatch and even have artificial choices if you prefer to go faux. Don't let the variety of our selection or your inexperience with installing thatch overwhelm you. Our friendly staff is available to help you pick the best product for your purposes, and they can even help you determine how much thatch you'll need. Whatever you are looking for in tropical building materials, shop with the experts at Forever Bamboo.



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